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  1. Carry out the data recovery process to resolve the error. Auto Data Recovery is one of the features that may assist you to recover your data. It’s available within the latest RESTORE AOL DESKTOP GOLD ICON MISSING versions and in Pro and Premier Versions also.
  2. RESTORE AOL DESKTOP GOLD ICON MISSING Auto Data Recovery (ADR) will run internal diagnostics on your company file and can pass few tests and if your file passes these tests, then the backup of the file has automatically been created in the ADR folder.
  3. After this, the logging program of ADR transactions will invoice all the transactions quickly also as automatically. It’ll invoice all the transactions that have integrated with the file from a specific instance on RESTORE AOL DESKTOP GOLD ICON MISSING Software.
  4. Once the recovering process is complete, RESTORE AOL DESKTOP GOLD ICON MISSING accounting software will create a duplicate of that file. But if your application is open, you’d not find any backup created. This may produce two backup duplicates and also the latest one would be 12 hours old while another would be 24 hours old. This way the oldest file would get deleted automatically.

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