Add a file hosting and sharing service to your site with YetiShare

Empowered by ever-faster internet connections, many people have grown used to storing and sharing their multimedia collections online. File hosting and sharing websites have grown enormously in popularity in recent years to the extent they’ve formed a major industry of their own. In fact, there are few better ways to monetize your website than by adding a paid sharing and file hosting service where people can download the files they want for a one-time fee or a monthly subscription. But, adding such a functionality to your website doesn’t necessarily mean having pay the high cost of hiring a professional developer. Thanks to pre-programed web scripts, you can add the functionality yourself without even having to write a single line of code. That’s exactly why the YetiShare file hosting script was developed!

Provide an excellent user experience on any device

The rise of the mobile-only user has rapidly taken off in recent years as smartphones grow more and more capable. In fact, the desktop has now been relegated to something of a niche, with well over half of all web traffic now coming from the small screen. Yet, despite this rapidly growing trend, many websites and online services still provide a woefully inadequate and poorly optimized experience for mobile users. File sharing websites can be counted among them in many cases. Fortunately, YetiShare provides a neatly streamlined experience on any device, whether it’s a desktop, smartphone, or a tablet. Whether users prefer touch screens or the traditional mouse and keyboard, it offers a responsive experience that caters to all types of users. Even the administration area is mobile-friendly.

Upload and download large files without restrictions

Chances are you’ve tried to attach a large file to an email or used one of the many free or cheap file sharing or hosting services only to find that there are oppressive restrictions pertaining to file size. In fact, a lot of web-based email services still have attachment size restrictions of as little as 10 MB. You can’t fit much more than a basic word document or a handful of pictures into such a file size. Although most file sharing and hosting services allow for significantly larger files, they often feature limits that aren’t nearly generous enough to host high-definition videos or most software downloads. Unless your website is going to be restricted to the smallest, most lightweight of downloads, you’ll want a service that lets you and your users work with large files without a problem.

No archaic Flash technology

If you’ve been using the internet for a while, you might remember the old Flash-powered rich media websites where you’d often need to wait for several minutes for the page to load. Flash technology is now long deprecated, and it isn’t even supported by most modern browsers, especially on smartphones. YetiShare is written entirely in HTML5 to make it fully compatible with any modern web browser on any device. The recent update also offers some fixes and improvements, including an update of the latest IP locations and a fix to the IP location library.

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