All About Bespoke Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most common type of packaging. They come in a lot of sizes and types to suit a variety of products. However, different items require different types of protection. And with so many e-commerce companies on the rise, adapting to customised packaging in the U.K. is getting regular.

Using custom-made cardboard boxes and supplies is one of the easiest ways to get your brand name in the market. It has several benefits, which we will discuss further in the blog. Many customers often have a lot of questions about bespoke cardboard boxes. Having been in this industry for so long, we have put all of the queries into this article.

So, let’s dive in to see what custom cardboard boxes help with, their role, and their advantages.

What’s The Role of Bespoke Cardboard Boxes?

Custom-made packaging needs an initial investment. But many companies are down for it because of the massive return it gives in terms of profits and customer loyalty.

Here are The Reasons Why You Need Custom Box Packaging:

Representing Your Brand Story

The competition in the retail sector is fierce. Customers have many options today. To stick to your brand, you need creativity in yourpackaging. Give an insight into your brand to your customers. When ordering from your cardboard box suppliers, choose packaging that will tell your journey and help build a brand identity.

Improve Customer Engagement

A perfectly suitable packaging speaks a volume about your care for the brand. Unboxing experience will help achieve your target audience faster, giving them a reason to recognise your company. Surveys say that 40% of customers are likely to share pictures of the packaging on social media. Consider this as an opportunity to increase your brand loyalty.

Opting for Eco-Friendly and User-Friendly Packaging

Cardboard storage boxes are a preferred form of packaging because of their sustainable nature. Custom packaging in U.K. will help to use more eco-friendly products. You can put symbols of reusability, recyclability in your boxes. Nowadays, customers are getting extremely conscious of brand choices. With sustainable cardboard boxes, customers will be able to reuse them or decompose them.

Bespoke cardboard boxes can be made user-friendly very easily. You can add handles for heavier products. You can fold or turn them in specific ways to fit your product size better.

Reduce Transport and Storage Cost

For any small business, the budget matters a lot. Using bespoke cardboard storage boxes will help you to save storage space. The boxes will fit the products perfectly, thus making them affordable in the long run.

Furthermore, transport companies calculate the overall weight of the cardboard container and not just the item inside. When you make customised packaging, you can cut down on size, thus saving transportation costs.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Ordering Bespoke Cardboard Boxes?

Customised packaging isn’t easy. It requires some planning and consideration of several factors before finding an appropriate solution.

  • The Number of Parcels You Dispatch Currently- This will give you an idea of the quantity and financial investment you will need to order the boxes.
  • Size and Material of Your Products- Are they electronic items? What size are they? These will be a factor while deciding customised packaging solution.
  • Your Storage Situation- You need to have proper storage space for the cardboard boxes. Otherwise, stick to regular standard containers.
  • The Budget You Should Be Allocating- For starters, we suggest going for a minimum investment. There will be some alterations and changes. Once you are glad about the result, start investing more in bespoke cardboard storage boxes.
  • Meeting Your Brand Image- The quality, colour, and printing should align with your brand story.

How to Make the Customised Cardboard Box More Attractive?

If you are determined to provide a unique unboxing experience for your customers, here are some ways to make your boxes look more personalised.

The Printing

The printing outside the custom packaging should have the logo, shipping information, product information, etc. Use nice calligraphy, flexography, and digital printers to provide high-quality graphics.

Hot Foil Embossing

The use of heat, metal dye and foil film can create unique packing designs. Metallic foils in silver or gold are so in right now!

Custom Printed Tapes

Printed colourful tapes also give high standard customer satisfaction. They are available in several formulas and thickness that suits a range of products.

Custom packaging in the U.K entirely depends on the kind of experience you want for your target consumers. So, a company like Packaging Midlands, one of the leading distributors of cardboard box suppliers, should be your top choice for modern packaging needs in the industry.

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