WA1200 Extender Setup

A 360° WIFI Repeater, the VICTONY WA1200 – Dual Band WIFI Range Extender 1200Mbps with 4 External 3dBi Antennas is easy to set up.


Victony is a pioneer in delivering value for money. A great choice for gaming, online HD video viewing, downloading, and uploading is the Victony WA1200 Extender Setup.Victony Dual Band Extender has WPS, LAN/WAN ports, ON/OFF, and reset buttons. The Victony WA1200 Extender Setup may be configured using WPS or a web browser using the address “”. This Extender’s antennas are strong enough to keep your devices connected even if your signals decrease. It also has an LED light indicator to help you choose the ideal place for the extension. Victony includes two Ethernet ports for connecting computers and game consoles, as well as a WAN port for using Victony as a router.

The Victony wireless extender has three modes.

  1. Mode Access Point: Connect your wireless device to your router through Ethernet to create an access point. If cabling isn’t an issue, use two identical access points on non-overlapping channels. This is the best way to improve performance.
  1. This mode is comparable to an access point mode, but it merely extends the reach of an existing router signal by using a different wireless name (SSID). It has two wireless routers rather than one. The first connects through Ethernet to the broadband network, then wirelessly to the second.
  1. Router Mode: Instantly creates a secure wireless network. It allows several devices to share a network. This option turns an extension into a router when you have a modem but no router.

Configure a Victony WiFi extender online

Follow these steps to create a New Extender Setup in a browser:

  1. Connect your wifi extender to a power source first. You can do it from anywhere, not just near your router.
  1. Keep an eye out for a solid green LED to indicate the extension is on.
  1. Open the wifi manager on a laptop or smartphone.Connect to the extender’s network via the wifi manager. Almost probably unsecured network.
  1. Open a browser of your choosing and navigate to the URL bar.
  1. Finally, you’ll be prompted for your login credentials, which are just “ap.setup” in both areas. After that, you’ll be sent to a dashboard. Complete the setup by following the instructions on the page.

How to WPS a Victony WA1200 Extender

  • Place the Victony extender near your router.
  • Wait until the Victony AC1200’s power LED turns green before connecting the extension.
  • Hold the WPS button on the extender for two seconds.
  • Replicate these steps by pressing the WPS button on your router.
  • A blinking LED light will be on the Victony WA1200 range extender, modem, or router.
  • The WIFI repeater and router will now connect in 10-15 seconds.
  • This LED will become solid green following a successful connection.
  • Install an AC1200 extension in any suspected weak places.

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