SEO Tips you should apply small business in Dubai

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SEO Tips you should apply small business in Dubai:

The need for social distancing has also changed consumer behavior when purchasing and even using basic services. Online shopping stopped being a trend and became, in a matter of days, a necessity.

This sudden increase in online orders has even created jobs. In the United States, for example, Amazon will create 100,000 new jobs to meet demand.

Furthermore, people are searching for much more than just food and medicine in this situation. Exercise equipment, office chairs, home decor items, digital work tools and everything that needs to be brought into the home is seeing organic growth in online searches.

Adopting good SEO practices at this time, therefore, is essential to help the public find your product or service.

Prefer short and descriptive links:

Including the keyword in the url is a good SEO practice. It also makes sharing via social networks more attractive and explanatory.

To do this, avoid linking words, such as articles and prepositions. Instead of “site/the-best-practices-of-seo”, prefer “site/best-practices-seo”.

Have good title and description tags:

The very way your page appears in search results can boost organic access. But, in addition to inserting the keywords, you need to perfect the text as if it were an advertisement.

The title tag is how the name of the content appears in the search result and must be up to 60 characters long, thus preventing it from appearing cut off. The description tag is the text that comes right below and, as the name suggests, briefly describes the content for the internet user. It must have up to 150 characters.

To encourage clicks, use calls to action, strong words like “best, essential” and lists, as we did in this article.

Also practice SEO on photos and videos:

It is worth remembering that SEO practices are not limited to text. Taking this care with images is also important to generate more hits. Therefore:

  • Fill in alternative text for images
  • Prefer descriptive names for files
  • Reduce file sizes (lighter is better)

Set categories when uploading videos to YouTube

Make internal links:

Once the user has visited your page, the goal is for them to continue interacting with the content and taking other actions. Having internal links (to your own pages) can help in this regard.

Additionally, internal links tell Google what a page is about and, at the same time, validate the landing page. This way, both can achieve better search rankings. Contact us for SEO Company in Dubai

Get external links:

Speaking of validation, another good way to earn points with search algorithms is to have a reference site, which uses the same set of keywords, linking to your page.

An example of this is when a brand has sponsored content on NSC portals. The content in them is optimized for searches, reflecting the keywords related to the brand, and is contained in vehicles with thousands of hits per day. This is important for Google and other search engines.

So, when this sponsored content links to pages on your website or blog, search engines understand that the landing pages are relevant, contributing to their better ranking. Click Here for SEO Freelancer in Dubai

Did you enjoy learning about these SEO practices?

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