Revelations from Chris Himel in Navigating Modern Wellness

Sam Tejada

  • Chris Himel, the Founder of Healing Hand & Lifestyle Marketing and IV BizBash, is a prominent figure in the wellness industry. With a deep commitment to excellence, Chris shares invaluable insights into staff training, effective marketing strategies, and the significance of building strong relationships.
  • Chris Himel, the Founder of Healing Hand & Lifestyle Marketing and IV BizBash
  • The Importance of Staff Training
  • One of the fundamental aspects of the success of any wellness clinic is the necessity for comprehensive staff training. Whether you’re operating an integrative or IV therapy center, expecting customers to flock to your door without well-trained staff is a common mistake. Frontline staff, especially those answering the phones, play a crucial role. They often encounter objections from potential clients, and it’s vital to equip them with the skills to handle these objections effectively. This includes addressing common objections like cost concerns and demonstrating the return on investment.
  • “Successful clinics understand the paramount importance of investing significantly in staff training. They ensure their employees are well-prepared to handle objections and are equipped to deliver exceptional service.” — Chris Himel.
  • Metrics and Training Go Hand in Hand
  • The tracking of metrics to measure the success of your wellness business is essential. Many entrepreneurs overlook the significance of metrics. An in-depth understanding of metrics and meticulous attention to every detail will help you to know how your business is doing and areas that may need more focus. It also helps you to know where your staff may need more training and support, and where they excel, giving the entire team more opportunity to achieve their own goals.
  • It’s not enough to have a great product; your staff should be able to communicate its value effectively.
  • Effective Marketing Strategies: A Multifaceted Approach
  • A significant challenge in the wellness industry is that not everyone understands the services’ benefits.
  • This underscores the need for effective marketing to educate potential customers about the advantages of wellness services compared to traditional medical options.
  • Email Marketing: Send valuable daily content for engagement and revenue.
  • Influencer Marketing: Partner with influencers for authentic promotion.
  • Social Media Advertising: Use Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to drive emotions and validate offerings.
  • Google My Business: Optimize for local visibility.
  • Audience Knowledge: Adapt strategies to platform demographics (Facebook/Instagram for older users, TikTok for younger ones).
  • Chris advises connecting with ideal customers physically and mentally. If your audience seeks integrative medicine solutions, like Botox or IV therapy, find them on platforms like Facebook and local mom groups.
  • Build relationships with group administrators and offer them a complimentary session for community promotion.
  • Use handwritten letters or compensation for meetings. Speak their language, avoiding jargon. Ensure marketing reflects a consultative approach to wellness services.
  • Why “How to Win in Modern Wellness” Is Essential
  • Once you’ve made the leap to opening your own wellness clinic, the next steps to take don’t need to be daunting. Experts like Chris Himel offer guidance on determining what actions to take, including running ads and potentially leading ads, and provide valuable marketing tips.
  • To learn more about Chris Himel, visit the book “How to Win in Modern Wellness,” by Sam Tejada, President & Founder of Liquivida, which explores insights from the leaders in the wellness industry In his chapter, “Marketing Matters,” Chris shares his perspective on why this book is ideal for healthcare entrepreneurs interested in starting an IV business

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