Procedures for Obtaining An Abortion Pill at Orlando Women’s Center

Orlando Women's Center

Obtaining an abortion pill at Orlando Women’s Center, the top abortion clinic in Orlando, is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:

Consultation: To make an appointment, contact Orlando Women’s Center via email at [email protected] or by phoning their toll-free number, 8776922273. During the process, you will receive guidance and help.

Appointment: Visit Orlando Women’s Center for your appointment. Expect a welcoming and confidential environment.

Medical Evaluation: A healthcare provider will evaluate your medical history and conduct any essential tests to guarantee the abortion pill is secure and suitable for you.

Counseling: Get comprehensive counseling around the fetus removal pill method, its risks, benefits, and aftercare instructions.

Decision Making: Make an informed choice around whether the abortion pill is the correct choice for you.

Prescription: If deemed suitable, you’ll be prescribed the abortion pill medication.

Administration: Take the abortion pill medication as directed by your healthcare provider.

Follow-Up: Return to Orlando Women’s Center for a follow-up appointment to guarantee the abortion was effective and address any concerns.

Aftercare: Get post-abortion care, information, and support as required.

Throughout the abortion pill or medical abortion procedure, Orlando Women’s Center puts your safety, privacy, and emotional health first. Use the specified email [[email protected]] address or toll-free number to contact them for more details or help.

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