How to Update Subject Settings in APDM

Naeem Khan

What is APDM?

APDM, which stands for Aplikasi Pangkalan Data Murid, is a tool used by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (KPM) to manage student information. It’s like a digital hub where details about students, such as attendance records, are stored. Teachers mainly use the Student Database Application to keep track of students attending school each day.

Basic Understanding of APDM

Before we move on, let’s first understand the basics of APDM, and what it is. APDM is a student information platform in which the information of the students of Malaysia is kept and in which the administration and school principals keep the data of their school.

Access to the APDM System

To create subject settings, you must first have access to APDM. Make sure you have a user ID and password. If you don’t have access. So you have to contact the administration or school principal and get access.

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Follow These Steps to Determine the Subject

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website of PDM and enter your username and password after doing that you will have an APDM login.
  • After logging APDM you have to go to the settings menu which will take you to the main page of Aplikasi Pangkalan Data Murid.
  • After going to the settings page, you have to find the settings related to the subject and then you have to click on the subject setting or the related option.
  • There will be an option to add a new subject by going to the subject settings page and you can add your subject by clicking on the end subject option or the related option.
  • After that, you have to fill out the subject edition form in which you have to enter your subject name, subject code, etc., and make sure that you have entered accurate and correct information.
  • After entering all this information you have to press the save button and verify that your information has been added.

You can set your subject through these steps 


Setting up subjects in Aplikasi Pangkalan Data Murid is a necessary step to make sure that student records are correct and well-organized. People can do this job quickly and easily by following this step-by-step guide. Also, the best practices talked about help make sure that subject choices are used well in Malaysian schools. This guide is meant to help people who are new to APDM management or who want more information on how to set up subjects.

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