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SEO in Calgary Canada

Local search and local SEO in canada – what is it and when to use it?

Do you run a small business in Calgary Canada?

More than the size of your business, is your operation regional? Are you only able to serve customers within a limited geographic radius? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then what we have prepared below is for you.

Local search and SEO work aimed at this business scenario is essential to focus work on quality and not the absolute quantity of visitors, as well as the return obtained.

What is local search?

You’ve probably already noticed that depending on the type of search on Google, it gives you different results in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), according to your geographic location, as well as other factors, such as your history and whether you You are logged in as a user, as long as you have a Google account (e.g. Gmail) naturally. Contact us for SEO Expert in Calgary

But the focus here is geographic location and Google knows this because of your IP address or even the GPS of your Android smartphone.

And if even faced with the unlikely possibility that you haven’t noticed this behavior in the search results, give it a test.

Search for “Local SEO in Calgary” and “SEO Agency in Calgary Canada”.

In both cases, the first results are due to paid advertising (Google Ads), but when evaluating what comes next, differences can be noticed, some more subtle and others more apparent.

But before we proceed, it is important to highlight that each person will have results that can vary greatly and the reason for this variation will soon become clearer.

You will see a map with “pins” – which are marks on the map – of SEO close to where you are located. Below are some SEO with a rating (in stars) made by users of the service, address, opening hours and whether it is possible to eat on site or whether there is a take-away and delivery service. Click here for SEO Company in Calgary Canada

These first occurrences are the result of Google My Business.

But if your first search was for “SEO”, you can find SEO Tips, SEO history, articles that have SEO as the main theme and also SEO Company in the region or even in other regions of the city where you live in the organic results. as you progress through the other results pages.

When repeating the search but now using the term “SEO”, what you see is similar until the part where the occurrences contain results from Google My Business, although these results may also be different.

From there, organic search results should show even more SEO located geographically close to where you are.

In either case, Google assumes that you probably want to SEO and delivers results from local businesses. In other words, it is unnecessary for you to search for something like “seo services in Calgary Canada”!

It does this for you and saves you the trouble of typing in the search field. Get in touch with us for SEO Expert in Canada

With the increase in access via mobile devices, the geographic aspect has become even more important for Google, as smartphones allow users to track their location in real time and thus offer more useful and accurate responses according to each moment and user movement.

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