How to decide between different FuboTV subscriptions?

charles hensen

There are mainly four different subscription plans offered by FuboTV- Pro, Elite, Premier, and Latino. The Pro plan is the most basic plan that comes for $74.99 per month and provides more than 160 channels to the users. Other than the live TV streaming channels, a large on-demand library is also provided with this plan. Next comes the Elite plan for $84.99 per month which offers users everything contained in the Pro plan along with many more channels. The Premier plan which costs $94.99 offers everything included in the Elite plan plus nine SHOWTIME channels and SHOWTIME on-demand library. Next is FuboTV’s Latino plan of $32.99 which caters to Spanish-speaking viewers and provides over 57 Spanish-language channels.
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YesFuboTV provides multiple subscription plans for users to choose from. Three of these plans are for English-language viewers while there’s another plan for Spanish-language viewers. For those who have Spanish as their local language or prefer Spanish over English, the Latino plan is the best for them.For English-language viewers, three choices of Fubotv/connect subscription are available- Pro, Elite, and Premier. Starting from $74.99, the price increases by $10 for every subsequent plan. If you are someone looking to spend less, the basic Pro plan is the best for you. But if you don’t mind paying $10 extra for a load of additional channels, go for the Elite package. Viewers who are a fan of the SHOWTIME network can subscribe to the Premier FuboTV plan.

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