Benefits of Amino Acids

Sam Tejada

In this episode of the ‘A Healthy Point of View’ podcast, host Sam Tejada interviews Dr. Christopher Davis, a wellness expert and triple board-certified cardiologist and Chief Medical Officer at Liquivida®️, who specializes in functional medicine.

They discuss the importance of amino acids for health and wellness. Amino acids are the units that makeup proteins and peptides, and they play a crucial role in various bodily functions, including acting as neurotransmitters, aiding in hormone formation, and assisting in detoxification. They also discuss the benefits of amino acids for athletes, particularly in terms of muscle formation and recovery.

Dr. Davis emphasizes the importance of personalized approaches to supplementation, taking into account individual health conditions and dietary habits. He also mentions the use of tests to determine micronutrient levels in the body to guide supplementation strategies.

They discuss how, at Liquivida®️, we recognize the significance of addressing these health deficiencies, and we’re delighted to unveil our latest breakthrough — the Amino Acid Blend. This innovative solution is tailored to target specific deficiencies that may be impeding your well-being, offering a harmonious approach to restoring balance.

These new amino acids are available at Liquivida®️ for doctors to purchase from us to utilize them in their practice.

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