Top Iconic Pakistani Music That Defined an Era

Ayman Qasim

Pakistani music

Pakistani music industry has produced many top songs. And is still actively playing its role. Besides, most songs’ composition and music give them a different kind of freshness. The artist’s voice also plays the most essential part in a song’s popularity. The iconic tracks are ones that rose to the fame instantly. Therefore, Zakir Ali Shaikh and Sherish Sisters’ Kuj Luday Sajanr Vi Hunday Hin is a good example. The track got 6.6M+ views on YouTube in less time-frame. Moreover, it is the best Saraiki-Punjabi song.

Furthermore, Pakistani music has never disappointed its listeners. Now, even the international platforms are recognizing their music too. Recently, in 2023, Kahani Suno 2.0, Iraaday, Bikra, and Pasoori shook the charts. Similarly, eight years back, 12 Saal broke Bilal Saeed mp3 song download button. And it still resides in millions of hearts today. Thus, it has got 59M+ views on YouTube alone. However, his other tracks have been quite popular too. For instance, Baari, 2 Number, and Uchiyaan Dewaraan have won millions of hearts.

There are countless songs that have lived through the decades. The following songs have taken over fans’ playlists for quite a long span of time. Although, these tracks are truly worthy of the fame they have got too.


The most played Punjabi track is Preeto. It is a lively and comic song. Abrar Ul Haq’s singing is also a glorious addition to the song. What’s more, this song has won 2.7M+ views since its release in 2002. The track is part of the album: “Nach Punjaban”. The official music video is also quite interesting that stars Ali Zafar and Sunita Marshall. Both the stars also got fame due this music video. Apart from the vocals of the artist, the music is also evergreen. It is popular upbeat music in Pakistani music. It can not be easily replaced. The musician’s other hit songs include Shareekan Noo, Diamond Ring, and Mahi.

Dil Dil Pakistan

The song has surpassed two decades since its production in 1987. What’s more, it is still commonly played on Pakistan’s most national days. Especially, 14th August seems incomplete without the track. This glorious and fine piece of art was Vital Signs’ greatest masterpiece. The singer Junaid Jamshed’s powerful voice took the crowds by surprise. The whole band also gave a spectacular performance on PTV.  Later on, Dil Dil Pakistan became a second national anthem of the country. Thus, making it the most renowned Pakistani music that the industry has ever produced.

Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty

The song is an upbeat song by the duo– Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi. Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty is a refined gem from the album “Jugni”. Moreover, this song alone earned 93M+ views on YouTube. Coke Studio’s season 3 brought forth this creative track in Pakistani music. What’s more, the lyrics of this Punjabi songs sink deep down one’s soul. The track sheds enlightening spiritual light on its listeners. The song is famous track with 33M+ music lovers. This trending music is a rendition of the original 1987’s Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s song. Thus, it is truly a keeper of any playlist. Katya Karan, Jis Tan Nu Lagadi Aye, and Challa Mera Ji Dhola make up the list of his other hit songs.

Mera Bichraa Yaar

The pop band– Strings has given out many mesmerizing compositions. However, their song– Mera Bichra Yaar is perfectly soothing song. Its tune just sets in permanently in one’s mind for good. Mera Bichraa Yaar came out in 2003 as a part of “Dhaani” album. Furthermore, the track has been a Lux Style Awards’ nominee a few times. And, it has even received “Lux Style Award for Best Music Video Director”. Furthermore, the lyrics are really captivating and narrate a simple tale. The singer’s calm vocals beautifully sketch the pictorial image of a place where he needs to meet his long-lost friend. Other popular tracks of the band include, Tum Aasmaan Ho, Yeh Hai Meri Kahani, and Chal Para.


Mahiya was the widely played pop song. It was an instant hit song, the moment it was released. Moreover, it conquered millions of hearts over the years. Thus, a year later, it was even utilized in a Bollywood movie “Awarapan”. The song attracted a huge number of fans due to its upbeat music. And, even the singer’s lively vocals brought it immense fame. This was Annie Khalid’s debut track. Other than this, she also produced many other popular hits. These songs include Tujhay Yaad Kiya, Just 3 Words, Vari Vari, and Listen. The artist has a lot of awards credited to her name. She won “The Most Wanted Song 2006” viewers’ choice award (TMA Pakistan), “The Most Wanted Female”, and “Pride Of Performance” from 14th August Committee Oslo, Norway.

Rabba Sacheya

The track is a Punjabi spiritual song. Atif Aslam stirred up the crowd through this song. Rabba Sacheya received 2.8M+ views on YouTube since it came out. Moreover, this amazing track is the Coke Studio’s production. Atif Aslam’s songs released many Sufi-natured songs. What’s more, this track is the rendition of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s famous work. Thus, the lyrics seems like the singer is complaining to God about his worldly life but then the tone shifts to more like he is praising Him. However, the song’s initial verse showcases how God has given ownership of the Earth to His servant – the man. And then, the singer calls upon His Lord and a peaceful conversation ensues. He makes God, his only sole provider, center of all his love and attention. The lyrics thus, is a perfect way to praise God found in Pakistani music.

Daanah Pah Daanah

Both Akhtar Chanal Zahri and Komal Rizvi created this renowned track. Almost in one way or another, many know the catchy lyrics of the song at least to some extent. Hence, it’s recent fandom has reached 34M+ viewership. Although, Daanah Pah Daanah was released in 1990 yet it still stands out. Nonetheless, this Coke Studio’s song is in Brahvi language. It is an interesting folk song in Pakistani music. The song is catchy, lively but also sketches ancient Balochistan as it was back in the 1700s- 1800s. Akhtar Chanal Zahri is also famous for other Balochi tracks. Laila Laila, Mumal, and Jhalawan to name a few.

Maahi Ve

This classic song is quite nostalgic. It was released in 2005 as a part of the album “Mantra”. Moreover, Faakhir Mehmood sang this song with a unique charm, giving the song that deep emotional touch. What’s more, the music is so enchanting like its right out of a fairytale world. It is soft on ear drums and pleasant to listen. Thus, the music video has got 8.9M+ views till now. Furthermore, the lyrics present a tale of a lover’s plea as he misses her presence in his life. Though the song seems sad yet it’s full of life and most mesmerizing combination found in the Pakistani music. 

Pi Jaun

This masterpiece was produced in 2012. It has reached over 8.6M+ viewers who consider it a legendary composition. Farhaan Saeed and Momina Mustehsan collaborated together on the song. Moreover, its serene song that sinks deep into the soul. However, the music does have an upbeat music. The song maintains the balance between the high and low sound waves within the song perfectly. The lyrics reflect the singer’s sadness over how he can not completely wipe away the tears of grief from his lover. He wonders how he can do so. The whole song is deeply submerged in immense sentimental chaos. Other than this, Farhaan Saeed’s Na Cher Malangaan Nu is a recent popular track out of his amazing creations.


In conclusion, the Pakistani music is full of amazing songs that have reached zenith. However, even though the recent songs are taking the spot light yet gold is gold. Thus, there are a lot of iconic songs from about a decade ago that still reside in millions of hearts out there. First of all, the most celebrated Punjabi song is Preeto of Abrar Ul Haq. While this song is a comic relief, the second one – Vital Signs’ Dil Dil Pakistan rekindles the flame of patriotism. Another one is Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty – the most played spiritually enlightening track. Moreover, Strings’ Mera Bichra Yaar is another iconic song for calm music lovers.

Furthermore, Annie Khalid’s Mahiya was the most trending song in its time. Besides, Rabba Sacheya on the other hand was top Sufi song and Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s rendition. Nonetheless, everyone out there is familiar with the song, Daanah Pah Daanah. It stands out because of its catchy music and unique essence of the Brahvi language. Moreover, Faakhir Mehmood’s Maahi Ve is an elegant track, straight out of a fairytale. Its tune gets easily imprinted on one’s mind instantly. Lastly, Farhaan Saeed’s work – Pi Jaun is another great melancholic addition to this playlist. Thus, some songs are evergreen, creating their permanent place in the hearts of their listeners.

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