From Patient to Entrepreneur: Carlton Washington’s Wellness Journey and Insights

Sam Tejada

  • Carlton Washington, Co-Founder of 4Ever Young, shares insights into his journey, the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship in the wellness sector, as well as valuable advice for healthcare professionals looking to embark on their entrepreneurial path.
  • Carlton Washington, Co-Founder of 4Ever Young
  • Carlton’s journey in the wellness industry began as he sought solutions for his own health and fitness challenges while working a corporate job. Recognizing the toll of a sedentary lifestyle on his colleagues, he became a passionate advocate for wellness after experiencing the transformative effects of hormone replacement therapy.
  • His initial entry into the field as a patient planted the seed for what would become 4Ever Young. His mission was to create a wellness business that improves people’s well-being and challenges traditional medical approaches to healthcare.
  • Challenges Faced by Medical Professionals Turned Entrepreneurs
  • The wellness industry demands more than just medical knowledge; it requires a deep understanding of business and consumer dynamics. While medical credentials are valuable, approaching this industry solely from a medical perspective can be challenging. Success in the wellness space also depends on the ability to connect with clients on a personal level and offer a customer-friendly experience.
  • Carlton’s advice is clear for medical professionals considering entrepreneurship in wellness: seek partnerships.
  • Collaborate with individuals who complement your skills and fill the gaps in your knowledge. Wellness is a multifaceted industry, and no person can excel in every aspect. You can build a strong foundation for your venture by partnering with business-minded individuals.
  • Navigating Challenges and Preserving Mental and Emotional Fortitude
  • The early years of building a wellness business can be challenging. Managing budgets, securing capital, and handling unforeseen issues are all part of the journey. Wellness entrepreneurs should be prepared for the mental and emotional toll of these challenges.
  • It helps to be well-capitalized and realistic about the difficulties ahead. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the financial requirements and are unprepared for the obstacles they may encounter.
  • Trust and Authenticity
  • Being authentic and genuine in interactions with patients is essential. Personal experience and hands-on practice in the services offered cannot be overstated, as it creates a strong foundation for word-of-mouth marketing. In a world filled with empty promises, authenticity remains a cornerstone of success in the wellness industry.
  • Wellness entrepreneurs must fully embrace their business’s wellness and aesthetics aspects to earn clients’ trust. They should exercise caution against blindly following trends and emphasize the importance of personal experience in validating wellness products and services.
  • How can you, as a healthcare professional, leverage your expertise and embrace the wellness revolution to make a lasting impact on the lives of your patients and the success of your entrepreneurial endeavor?
  • Find the answers in “How to Win in Modern Wellness,” recently published by Liquivida President & Founder Sam Tejada. In his chapter “Disruptors in the Wellness Space,” Carlton shares his thoughts about this rapidly expanding industry, how he entered the field of anti-aging, the mistakes and lessons learned along the way, and much more.

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