What To Ask When Getting A Sprinkler System Installed Locally

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nstalling a sprinkler system can greatly improve your lawn and garden. But like any home improvement project, it’s important to find an experienced professional installer you can trust. As you shop around for estimates, here are some key questions to ask potential sprinkler installation companies.

How long have you been installing sprinkler systems?

Experience matters when it comes to complicated irrigation work. Look for a sprinkler pro that has been installing systems for at least 5-10 years in your local area. They’ll be familiar with local codes, soil conditions, plantings and other factors that can impact system design and functionality. A quality company like Maryland Lighting and Sprinklers has the expertise to customize a sprinkler system to meet the unique needs of Pasadena area properties.

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Are you licensed and insured?

Reputable irrigation contractors should carry all required state and local licenses, as well as liability insurance and workers comp. Don’t risk hiring an uninsured handyman or fly-by-night operation. Insist on seeing current credential documentation for any company providing you an estimate.

Can you provide references from recent local customers?

Professional sprinkler companies should be happy to put you in touch with several recent customers in nearby towns like Glen Burnie, Severna Park and Arnold who can vouch for their service. Speaking to references is one of the best ways to gauge factors like workmanship, reliability and post-installation support. If a contractor hesitates to provide references, keep looking.

Do you provide system designs and quotes that are catered to each unique property?

Beware of contractors that take a one-size-fits all approach. High quality sprinkler pros like sprinkler install near me will carefully evaluate your entire landscape and gardens, asking questions about grass, plants and problem areas. They custom design a system incorporating different types of heads, zones and smart controller programming tailored specifically for each customer’s needs and budget. If a company only offers generic packages or seems unfamiliar with nuances that can impact performance, you may want to seek out a more specialized irrigation firm committed to customization.

What brands of heads and components do you install?

Irrigation components are not all created equal. Professional-grade gears, seals and heavyweight construction materials stand up to years of tough outdoor conditions much better than cheaper offshore imports. Top sprinkler installation contractors source professional-grade components from leading U.S. and European brands like Hunter, Rainbird, Toro and Weathermatic. These components cost a bit more upfront but save tremendously on long term repair and replacement expenses down the road.

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Do you belong to any professional irrigation associations?

Another sign of a serious, qualified sprinkler pro is membership in respected industry groups like the Irrigation Association and Green Industry Alliance. These memberships demonstrate a commitment to staying on top of the latest techniques, safety protocols and innovations. Contractors who are involved in their professional community make excellent partners for such an important home investment.

What is your warranty on labor and materials?

Reputable irrigation professionals back up their workmanship with strong warranties, typically 1-3 years on labor and 5+ years against defects on materials. Compare warranty terms closely between bids—significant differences can foreshadow which companies stand behind their service more confidently. Leading regional sprinkler installers like 5 star sprinkler offer some of the strongest warranties available in the local marketplace.

Do you have an established maintenance and service department?

Even the best installed irrigation system will eventually need checkups and adjustments from time to time. Ask potential contractors if they have their own qualified service technicians available for follow-up maintenance calls. Being able to leverage the original installer’s expertise and familiarity with your system can save huge hassles over the long run.

What steps will you take to avoid damaging my landscaping and features during installation?

Digging extensive trenches and maneuvering piping can certainly damage lawns, gardens, pathways and other property features if adequate safeguards aren’t taken. Get a clear gameplan from each sprinkler company on how they intend to protect your landscape during the installation process. Look for solutions like horizontal directional boring under sensitive areas and usage of protective ground cover materials.

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How long will the installation take?

Project duration is another key differentiation point between professional irrigation firms and less experienced contractors. An experienced local company like Maryland lighting and sprinklers Pasadena MD can typically install an average residential system in 2-3 days with minimal disruption to normal property usage. Less skilled contractors may take 4-7 days for the same scope. Find out time estimates from each bidder and compare. Drawn out projects heighten the risk of unwanted damage and complications.

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