FuboTV update adds new shortcuts and better performance on Android and Google TV

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Fubo TV has taken some critical feedback from users and turned it into actual improvements. A new update to the FuboTV app on Android TV and Google TV means a couple of new features and a better viewing experience.

The surge of cable-cutters over the past few years has left users looking for alternatives. Apps like Fubo.tv/connect offer all of the same network channels over streaming, rather than a dedicated cable connection. FuboTV, specifically, has become a favorite of many users.

In an update rolling out to Google TV and Android TV users, FuboTV is adding some key features. According to a post from the company on Reddit, version 5.4 will include two immediately obvious changes.

Now, when pressing the back button for more than a tap, the previous channel will activate. According to the company, this feature has been one of the most requested. Instead of backing out and searching again, you can simply navigate backward with a long tap.

The second outward-facing change in FuboTV’s update is the channel guide itself. When accessing it while actively watching a channel via the down button, an improved channel guide will be visible that should make it easier to find what you need, though we haven’t had the chance to test the feature yet.

FuboTV also notes that this update optimizes certain channels and will see less buffering when reloading media. That kind of improvement is always welcome.

FuboTV version 5.4.0 is available now on Google TV and Android TV. If the app isn’t updated, you should be able to find the update waiting in the Play Store.

Hello, Fubo Users!

We’re excited to let you know that a new update to Fubo’s Fire TV, Android TV, and Google TV apps (v5.6) is rolling out now and through the weekend.  We continue to listen to your feedback, update features, and fix bugs as quickly as possible. I believe this update, and the previous updates, address almost all of the Android TV and FireTV issues that you have reported here.

For our Roku users, we have a significant update that we are readying for release next week.  That update will address many of the biggest issues you all have raised over the last several weeks. So stay tuned for an announcement about that release. 

For more details    Fubotv/connect

Here’s what’s new in the v5.6 Fire/Android/Google TV apps, including some updates from v5.5, which I didn’t announce previously:

The Guide

  • Added thumbnail images for the currently playing program on every channel.
  • Program titles now scroll as you navigate to the right in the guide.

My Stuff / Recordings

  • Added “Delete Recording” button for individual recordings (it was previously contained under the “Recording Options” menu). Note that this is also fixed in the Roku app now as well.

Video Playback 

  • The subtitles (closed captioning) on/off setting will now persist across all channel changes and program changes.
  • Fixed bugs that affected video playback, channel changing, and app crashes.

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