Optimize Your Church’s Growth with Church Candy: A Results-Driven Marketing Strategy

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Welcome to Church Candy, where we’re dedicated to helping your church thrive by focusing on what truly matters — getting new guests in the pews every Sunday. In a world cluttered with marketing strategies that may not deliver real results, Church Candy stands out with a results-driven approach. Join us as we delve into the unique Plan Your Visit strategy and explore how it can bring consistent growth to your church community.

Unveiling Church Candy’s Results-Driven Strategy

At Church Candy, our mission is clear — we’re not just chasing engagement, likes, or clicks. Our singular focus is on bringing new families to your church every week. Learn how our Results-Driven Strategy goes beyond the superficial metrics to ensure that your church’s Sunday service is filled with eager new faces.

The Plan Your Visit Playbook

One of Church Candy’s standout offerings is the “Plan Your Visit Playbook,” a comprehensive guide to implementing a church marketing strategy that generates 20–50 new visitors every month. This playbook breaks down the step-by-step process, answering crucial questions like the best way to drive traffic to your PYV form and strategies for effective follow-up.

Predictable Growth with Plan Your Visit

The heart of Church Candy’s strategy lies in the predictability of its Plan Your Visit approach. Discover how families can plan a visit by submitting their information online, and learn how Church Candy assists you in the essential follow-up process. From expressing gratitude for planning a visit to sending timely reminders about Sunday service, this strategy ensures a steady stream of new families in your church.

Unlock Brady’s Insights for Free

Exciting news for church leaders and marketers! Church Candy offers Brady’s latest book, the “Plan Your Visit Playbook,” for free. This invaluable resource provides detailed insights into various aspects of church marketing, including the best channels for driving traffic, effective ad strategies on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and optimal follow-up techniques. The best part? You can get this book for free — just cover the $8.50 shipping fee.


In a world where church marketing can feel uncertain, Church Candy emerges as a beacon of certainty and growth. With a focus on tangible results, a proven Plan Your Visit strategy, and a free resource like Brady’s book, your church can experience consistent growth and welcome new families every Sunday. Embrace the Church Candy approach, and let’s build a thriving community together.

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