Top 10 NGOs In Pakistan

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In the diverse landscape of Pakistan, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a pivotal role in addressing societal needs and fostering positive change. These organizations operate across various sectors, including healthcare, education, and social welfare, striving to uplift communities and build a better future. Let’s delve into the top 10 NGOs in Pakistan that have been making a remarkable impact on the nation.

The Role of NGOs in Pakistan

NGOs in Pakistan are instrumental in executing social welfare initiatives that cater to the basic needs of the population. From running healthcare programs to implementing educational projects, these organizations serve as catalysts for societal development.

Selection Criteria for Top NGOs

Identifying the top NGOs requires careful consideration of their impact on communities, transparency, accountability, and commitment to innovation and sustainability. This ensures that the selected organizations have a genuine and lasting influence on the lives of the people they serve.

Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan

Edhi Foundation

Background and History:

Founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi, the Edhi Foundation is a beacon of hope in Pakistan. With a humble beginning in the 1950s, it has grown into the largest and most organized social welfare system in the country.

Notable Contributions:

The Edhi Foundation provides a range of services, including healthcare, education, burial services, and support for abandoned children and women. Their ambulances, marked with the iconic Edhi logo, are a symbol of prompt emergency response.

Impact on Society:

The foundation’s selfless service has made a profound impact on Pakistani society. It operates on the principles of humanitarianism, offering assistance to those in need without any discrimination.

Saylani Welfare International Trust

Overview and Mission:

Saylani Welfare International Trust focuses on alleviating poverty and providing essential services to the underprivileged. Their mission revolves around creating a positive change in society by addressing the root causes of poverty.

Key Initiatives:

Saylani Welfare International Trust is involved in various initiatives, including food distribution, healthcare services, vocational training, and orphan care. Their soup kitchens have become a lifeline for many facing economic hardships.

Success Stories:

Countless individuals have benefited from Saylani’s programs, with success stories highlighting the transformative impact on the lives of the beneficiaries. From skill development to financial empowerment, the trust aims for holistic societal improvement.

Indus Hospital

Specialized Healthcare Services:

Indus Hospital stands out for its specialized healthcare services, providing medical care to those who cannot afford it. With state-of-the-art facilities, the hospital aims to ensure that quality healthcare is accessible to all.

Outreach Programs:

In addition to hospital services, Indus Hospital actively engages in outreach programs, conducting medical camps in remote areas. This approach ensures that healthcare reaches even the most underserved communities.

Community Impact:

The hospital’s impact goes beyond medical treatment, contributing to community development by addressing health-related challenges. Their commitment to healthcare equity has earned them recognition and trust.

Akhuwat Foundation

Focus on Interest-Free Microfinance:

Akhuwat Foundation distinguishes itself by focusing on interest-free microfinance. By providing financial assistance to small entrepreneurs, the foundation empowers individuals to lift themselves out of poverty.

Poverty Alleviation Efforts:

Akhuwat’s poverty alleviation efforts extend beyond financial support, encompassing skill development and capacity building. This approach ensures sustainable improvements in the economic conditions of the beneficiaries.

Grassroots Impact:

Operating at the grassroots level, the Akhuwat Foundation has successfully created a ripple effect, positively impacting numerous families and communities. The emphasis on self-reliance contributes to the long-term success of their initiatives.

Chhipa Welfare Association

Emergency Response and Rescue Services:

Chhipa Welfare Association is synonymous with prompt emergency response and rescue services. From accidents to natural disasters, the association’s teams are quick to provide assistance and relief.

Support for Underprivileged Communities:

Beyond emergency services, the Chhipa Welfare Association actively supports underprivileged communities through various initiatives, including food distribution, healthcare camps, and educational programs.

Humanitarian Projects:

Chhipa’s humanitarian projects emphasize the importance of swift and effective action in times of crisis. The association’s commitment to serving humanity has earned widespread appreciation.

Imran Khan Foundation

Educational Projects:

Imran Khan Foundation, led by the legendary cricketer turned philanthropist, focuses on educational projects. The foundation aims to bridge the educational gap by establishing schools and promoting quality education.

Healthcare Initiatives:

In addition to education, the foundation is actively involved in healthcare initiatives, including the provision of medical facilities and services. Imran Khan’s vision encompasses holistic development for the youth of Pakistan.

Empowering Youth:

Imran Khan Foundation’s commitment to empowering the youth aligns with the belief that education and healthcare are the cornerstones of a prosperous and progressive society. The foundation’s efforts inspire positive change.

Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT)

Eye Care Services:

LRBT specializes in providing eye care services, aiming to eliminate preventable blindness. The trust operates a network of eye hospitals and clinics, offering comprehensive eye care to all, regardless of their financial status.

Outreach Programs:

LRBT’s outreach programs extend eye care services to remote areas, ensuring that individuals in need receive timely treatment. The trust’s commitment to vision health has a far-reaching impact on the overall well-being of communities.

Accessibility and Inclusivity:

LRBT’s emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity makes quality eye care available to everyone. Their innovative approaches to eye health contribute to a significant reduction in preventable blindness.

The Citizens Foundation (TCF)

Promoting Education:

The Citizens Foundation is dedicated to promoting education by establishing schools in underprivileged areas. Their focus on quality education aims to break the cycle of poverty through knowledge and empowerment.

School-Building Projects:

TCF’s school-building projects have transformed the educational landscape in various regions of Pakistan. The foundation’s commitment to infrastructure development ensures conducive learning environments.

Impact on Literacy Rates:

By actively contributing to increased literacy rates, TCF’s initiatives have a lasting impact on individual lives and the overall development of communities. The foundation’s success lies in its unwavering dedication to education.

Ansar Burney Trust

Human Rights Advocacy:

Ansar Burney Trust is at the forefront of human rights advocacy in Pakistan. The trust actively works to address issues related to human rights violations, providing legal aid and support to victims.

Legal Aid and Support:

The trust’s legal aid and support initiatives aim to ensure justice for those who have been wronged. Ansar Burney Trust’s relentless efforts have led to landmark cases and improvements in human rights protection.

Notable Achievements:

The trust’s notable achievements include significant contributions to the advancement of human rights in Pakistan, creating awareness and bringing about positive change through legal interventions.

Saylani Welfare International Trust (Again)

Overview and Mission:

Reiterating the significance of Saylani Welfare International Trust, the organization’s commitment to holistic development deserves a closer look. The trust’s multifaceted approach underscores its impact on various aspects of societal well-being.

Key Initiatives:

Saylani’s diverse initiatives, ranging from food distribution to vocational training, showcase the trust’s comprehensive strategy for poverty alleviation. The trust’s ability to adapt to evolving societal needs contributes to its continued success.

Success Stories:

The success stories associated with Saylani Welfare International Trust underscore the tangible and positive changes brought about in the lives of individuals and communities. From empowering entrepreneurs to feeding the hungry, Saylani’s impact is undeniable.


In conclusion, the top 10 NGOs in Pakistan are beacons of hope, actively contributing to societal development across various domains. From healthcare and education to emergency response and human rights advocacy, these organizations exemplify the power of collective efforts in creating a positive impact. Supporting and acknowledging the endeavors of these NGOs is crucial for fostering a brighter and more equitable future for Pakistan.


How can I contribute to the initiatives of these NGOs?

You can contribute by donating funds, volunteering your time and skills, or spreading awareness about their work.

Are these NGOs transparent in their operations?

Yes, transparency is a key criterion for selection, and these NGOs are known for their accountable and transparent practices.

What makes Edhi Foundation stand out among other NGOs?

Edhi Foundation is known for its wide range of services, prompt emergency response, and its founder’s unwavering dedication to humanitarianism.

How can I get involved with Chhipa Welfare Association’s emergency response efforts?

You can inquire about volunteer opportunities or support their initiatives through donations.

Is there a way to track the impact of my contributions to these NGOs?

Many NGOs provide regular updates, reports, and success stories on their websites, allowing donors to track the impact of their contributions.

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