Top Five Factors That Lead to Trucking Accidents


There have been many movements in the world of car safety, but unfortunately, only a small number of those have been widely implemented into the world of trucks. Several states, including California, have enacted laws to protect both drivers and others on the road. Yet there are still thousands of big rig truck crashes every year. What makes this even more frustrating is that most of these truck accidents are preventable.

Below are five common causes of collisions involving trucks:

  • Truck driver was operating his truck while fatigued. One of the major causes of truck accidents is driver fatigue. This is such a big problem that both state and local government agencies have enacted laws that limit how long a trucker can be behind the wheel without taking a break.
  • Trucker driving with aggression. Truckers are on the road for long hours each week, making them easily frustrated with other drivers. They can become even more unforgiving of others if they are behind schedule on their delivery. This frustration can result in aggressive behaviors, such as following too closely, not using signals and suddenly changing lanes.
  • Trucker was speeding. Speeding is a major cause of all motor vehicle accidents – and truck accidents are no exception. That said, speeding is even more dangerous for truck drivers because of their size and weight. It takes longer for trucks to come to a stop. They can also easily roll over because of their higher centers of gravity.
  • Trucker was distracted behind the wheel. Truckers, like other drivers, are easily distracted while behind the wheel with things such as using cell phones and changing radio stations.
  • Trucker driving while under the influence of controlled substance. Impaired driving is extremely dangerous for all motorists, especially truckers. Drugs and alcohol are not the only culprits to driving impaired. Even taking legally prescribed medication can affect a trucker’s ability to safely operate his or her truck.

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