Mobility Scooters Market forecast to  2029: key players, segmentation, size, share, growth, trends and opportunities 2029

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The  Mobility Scooters Market report includes historic data, present market trends, market environment, technological innovation, upcoming technologies, and technical progress in the related industry. This report provides accurate information about market trends, industrial changes, and consumer behavior, among other factors. The base year for calculation in the report is 2021, with the historic year being 2020, which informs how the Mobility Scooters Market will perform in the forecast years by outlining market definitions, classifications, applications, and engagements. The significant Mobility Scooters Market report also aids in prioritizing market goals and achieving profitable business outcomes.

An influential Mobility Scooters Market survey report is a comprehensive study of the market, offering insights into the market’s status in the forecast period of 2022-2029. The market research covered in this report helps the management of a firm plan by providing accurate and up-to-date information about consumer demands, changing tastes, attitudes, preferences, and buying intentions, among other factors. The company profiles of all major market players and brands dominating the Mobility Scooters Market, with moves such as product launches, joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions affecting sales, import, export, revenue, and CAGR values, have been cited in the report.

Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the mobility scooters market which was USD 1.24 billion in 2021, would rocket up to USD 2.34 billion by 2029, and is expected to undergo a CAGR of 8.27% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2029. The market report curated by the Data Bridge Market Research team includes in-depth expert analysis, patient epidemiology, pipeline analysis, pricing analysis, and regulatory framework.

Market Definition

Mobility scooters are electric mobility aids that look like motorcycles and can be used instead of or alongside a power wheelchair. They’re multi-functional, electric-powered cars that help persons with restricted mobility and freedom navigate both inside and outside. Mobility scooters, which feature three or four wheels, are popular among the elderly who have lost their strength and balance. Mobility scooters with front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are both available. Front-wheel drive scooters are smaller and primarily used indoors, whereas rear-wheel drive scooters are used both outside and indoors.

Some of the major players operating in the mobility scooters market are:

  • Afikim Electric Vehicles (Israel)
  • Amigo Mobility International Inc.(US)
  • EV Rider LLC. (US)
  • Golden Technologies (US)
  • Hoveround Corp. (US)
  • Invacare Corporation (US)
  • Merits Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Quingo (Germany)
  • Excel Mobility (Netherlands)
  • Medical Depot Inc. (U.S)

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Mobility scooters Market Dynamics


  • Upsurge in the % age of older individuals

The global expansion of the market is aided by increased awareness of novel mobility devices. Over the projection period, higher R&D investments for enhanced battery technology and expanded credit and financing options provide the good potential for market expansion.

  • Increasing Mobility Scooter Inclination Over Traditional Wheelchairs

The improvement of technology and the increasing adoption of automation in mobility vehicles are driving the market for mobility scooters. The market is expected to develop due to the growing elderly population, the prevalence of orthopedic ailments, and the occurrence of accidents resulting in mobility issues. Furthermore, as people’s disposable incomes rise and their spending power expands, the demand for mobility scooters over wheelchairs rises, assisting the market’s growth.

  • Mobility Scooters Motorized by Electricity

The growing usage of sustainable mobility to solve the global issue of environmental degradation has boosted the global market for mobility scooters. Electric mobility scooters are faster, more efficient, and less expensive than traditional, boosting market demand and contributing to market growth. Mobility scooters provide a high level of independence to the user, consequently raising demand and promoting the market growth.


Increasing R&D expenditures for improved battery technology

Continuous R&D and advancements in battery technology have helped enhance the storage capacity and lower the overall cost of batteries like lithium-ion batteries, making them a popular choice for mobile, low-cost gadgets like electric kick scooters. Furthermore, the continued development of technologically advanced battery technologies such as graphene batteries, solid-state electrolyte batteries, and zinc-manganese oxide batteries contributes to improving electric vehicle range.

Points to focus in the  Mobility Scooters Market report

  1. The report offers market share appraisals for regional and global Mobility Scooters Market levels
  2. To gain detailed overview of parent  Mobility Scooters Market
  3. Information about key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and their impact analysis on the market size has been provided.
  4. The study provides an in-depth analysis of the global order management software market and current & future trends to elucidate imminent investment pockets.
  5. Analyze and forecast  Mobility Scooters Market on the basis of type, function and application.

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