Everything to Know About Double Shot Keycaps

Jim Marcos


It’s a challenge to understand keyboards and keycaps; this might affect your decision to buy the right keyboard. Firstly, when it’s about investing in mechanical keyboards, then custom options are also available. The rightful keycap will either make the work or gaming experience seamless or poor. So make sure you take time to look for one like Double Shot Keycaps, etc. Here is the article to delve into all about it.

What Are Double Shot Keycaps?

Well! Double shot keycaps are manufactured within two separate pieces of plastic that are molded together. The main housing of the keycap consists of one piece, and the legend (that is, with a symbol or character) forms the second piece. The wholesome, intricate process of molding two parts as one makes it a perfectly looking double-shot keycap. Talking about its durability and fading, it’s not susceptible. These kinds of keycaps are reliable and robust and withstand over time.

The Different Types of Double Shot Keycaps:

You can look for a variety of options on these double-shot keycaps, such as the following. In fact, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. ABS Double Shot Keycaps: These are also known as acrylic. Such are widely used in keyboard casing and keycaps. Comparatively, ABS plastic-manufactured keycaps are durable enough. These are even more crack-resistant and ensure a smooth texture. Thus, it ends with a pleasing touch of typing or gaming. For long-lasting durability, ABS double shot keycaps are okay in sturdiness compared to other keycaps on the market.

2. PBT Double Shot Keycaps: These are formidable options in double-shot keycaps when compared with other materials. It ensures a good level of toughness and does resist abrasion and heat. For seamless gaming and intensive typing, PBT double shot keycaps are one of the reliable options with a pleasing sound.

3. PETG Double Shot Keycaps: In keycaps, PETG is one of the less prevalent materials used. However, ensures 3D printing technology, which makes keycaps look really amazing. Sturdiness and impact resistance are entirely good in these material-manufactured keycaps. PETG stands for (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is a kind of thermoplastic polyester.

4. POM Double Shot Keycaps: If you want a high-performing and well-engineered keyboard, then go with POM double-shot keycaps. These are high-end thermoplastic manufactured options. It offers high rigidity and low friction. Talking about its resistance, then obviously heat, solvents, abrasion, and chemical resistance that don’t get scratched and fade easily.

The Final Verdict:

In searching for the best keyboard, you may get different kinds of keycap options. The picking needs to be done carefully on keyboard utility, durability, and affordability. The above categorization is important to understand about the keyboard with Double Shot Keycaps. Using the right keycaps on the keyboard will improve work efficiency and performance.

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