Unlocking the Science of Healthy Hair, Hair Loss, and Strategies for Regrowth

Sam Tejada

In this episode of ‘A Healthy Point of View’ podcast, host Sam Tejada interviews Dr. Kendrick Heywood, a renowned health and wellness specialist.

Dr. Heywood dives deep into the topic of hair loss, shedding light on its causes and various treatment options. From hormonal imbalances to nutrient deficiencies and even certain hairstyles, he explores the factors that contribute to hair loss.

Dr. Heywood discusses a range of treatments, including nutrient supplementation, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, stem cell-derived products, and SmartGraft hair transplants. He emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive consultation and diagnostic process to determine the most suitable treatment. Drawing from his personal experience, Dr. Heywood shares his own successful journey in treating hair loss. Read more:https://podcast.samtejada.com/unlocking-the-science-of-healthy-hair-hair-loss-and-strategies-for-regrowth-ep-5-dr-heywood/

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