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Mousepads are used by the majority of the population. They can be seen at schools, hospitals, offices, homes, etc. Keeping the mousepads clean is very important. This will prevent the dust from accumulating in the pads. So, we must know how to clean a mousepad.

These days, we will observe a lot of variations in the mousepads. The shape, material, size, etc has gone through immense modifications. This has introduced differences in the cleaning processes also. It is very crucial that you follow appropriate cleaning methods while cleaning up your mousepads. This will help in keeping your mousepads new for a long time.

Varieties of Mousepads

There are many mousepads in the market. They come in different sizes and shapes. The material of the mousepads also shows great variations. The different mousepad varieties are:

  1. Metal Mousepads or Hard Plastic Mousepads

These mousepads are constructed using materials like hard plastic or metals. So, these mousepads are very strong and have high durability. You can clean them without taking much precautions. They will not get damaged easily.

  1. Cloth Mousepads

These mousepads need more care while cleaning. They are made using clothes and need gentle handling. If you use harsh cleaning processes, then they will get damaged.

  1. Leather Mousepads

These are mousepads crafted using leather. Their cleaning methods are a little bit different.

  1. Photo Printed Mousepads

These mousepads have different photos printed over them. They give a personalized feeling to the mousepad.

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They are strong mousepads, and a little bit of aggression while cleaning will not produce any damage. As a result, many people prefer buying this particular type of mousepad.

  1. You have to shake the mousepad pad by holding it over your dustbin. This will remove the dust and loose dirts.
  1. Some dust particles might stick to the mousepad surface. To remove these particles, you have to use a dry wipe. Rub the wipe over the mousepad to completely remove dirt and debris.
  1. The cleaning solution can be created at home. You have to take some warm water and add liquid detergent or soap into it. Remember to use equal amounts of water and soap.
  1. Put the cleaning solution over the dirty mousepad. Paper towels can be used for application of the cleaning agent.
  1. Take a clean cloth and dampen it. Using this wet cloth, you can wipe the mousepad properly. Your mousepad will be ready for use once it becomes dry completely.

Cloth Mousepads Cleaning Process

Now, let’s see how to clean a mousepad made with cloth. To remove dirt from cloth mousepads, you need a gentle cleaning solution. You can make one use equal volumes of dish soap and water.

  1. This cleaning agent has to be filled into a spray bottle. Take your cloth mousepad and spray it thoroughly. Allow this cleaning agent to work for fifteen minutes. It will pull the dirt away from the cloth material.
  1. If you have got tough stains, then you can rub the mousepad using a toothbrush. This will loosen up the stubborn stains, and they will come off easily.
  1. The cloth mousepad can be kept on the dishwasher’s topmost shelf area. When it comes out, it will look like a new one. Dry the cloth made mousepad before putting it to use.
  1. Many people don’t have a dishwasher. They can rinse the cloth mousepad with warm water, and then air dry it.

Check Out How to Clean a Mousepad Made of Leather

Cleaning process for the leather mousepad is completely different from the rest. If you take proper care of these mouthpads, then they will last for a long time. But, if you clean it wrongly, then they will get damaged.

  1. To remove dirt and loose debris from leather mousepads, you can use a clean cloth. Wiping with this cloth will remove a lot of dirt and dust.
  1. After removing as much dirt as possible, you can go to the next step of cleaning. You will need a leather cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Wipe the leather pad properly with the cloth dipped in leather cleaner.
  1. While cleaning leather items, it is always better to take the advice of the manufacturers. Certain leather cleaners are not safe for all leather items. So, ask your mousepad manufacturer about the safety of the leather cleaner.
  1. The dry time of the leather mousepad will also be recommended by the manufacturers.

Cleaning Photo Printed Mousepads

Photo printed mousepads are adored by many computer users. It will give them a chance to keep the valuable memories of their close ones with them. Sometimes, they also get mousepads that have the picture of their role model or favorite celebrities. If these pads are not cleaned properly, the photo might fade away.

  1. Make a cleaning mixture by using some warm water and dish soap. Applying the mixture onto the mousepad surface.
  1. You should make the mousepad sit like that for 10-15 minutes. Then, do some gentle scrubbing. Avoid scrubbing aggressively over the photo surface. Such rough treatment will discolor the picture. It can also remove the picture completely.
  1. You need not use a dishwasher for photo printed mousepads. Just rinse the mousepad in some warm water and let it air dry. Don’t put the photo printed mousepads under sunlight. This can fade the color of the pictures.

We have discussed how to clean a mousepad made with different materials. The cleaning processes are different for mousepads of different materials. So, you should have a clear understanding about the type of mousepad that you have. Then, you should choose the appropriate cleaning step. You should not leave your mousepads for longer time periods without giving them a cleaning session. This will make them very dirty and the dirt marks will become more stubborn. Such situations require stronger cleaning mixtures and aggressive treatments. This can damage the mousepad completely. So, try to clean the mouse pads at least once every week. These will keep them in working condition for longer durations. Also, avoid keeping drinks and foods near mousepads. This will avoid unwanted spillage and messes.

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