Check Out How To Measure For Curtains Correctly

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Curtains are an integral component of any room. So, we should be very careful while choosing and measuring them. By choosing appropriate curtains, you will be able to upgrade the overall look of the room to a great extent. In addition to that, the curtains should perfectly fit your windows. An inappropriate fit can make the room look quite ugly. In order to get perfectly fitted curtains, we must take the measurements correctly. Here, we will be discussing how to measure for curtains

A lot of us might think that measuring for curtains is a simple task. But, it is not so and there are many things that you should be keeping in mind while measuring for the curtains. Simply measuring the size of your window is not adequate. Measuring for curtains is nothing less than an art, and it involves several complexities. So, without wasting further time, let’s see how we can take curtain measurements correctly.

See How to Measure For Curtains Accurately

Before taking the curtain measurements, you must have a clear idea regarding the type of curtains that you want. Some might prefer a curtain that has the same length as the window. Others might want their curtains to hang a little bit longer. Some go for floor length options, while others might want their curtains to puddle on the floor. Now, let’s see how we can measure the curtains properly.

  1. Width measurements
  2. Drop measurements
  3. Curtain heading selection

Now, let’s go through each of these curtain measurement aspects in detail.

Width Measurements

If you are wondering how to measure for curtains accurately, then the width measurement is something that you should first do. It should be noted that the pole or track must be hung about 6 inches/15 cm above the window. On each side, it should be about 6-8 inches/15-20 cm wider. It is recommended that you hang the pole or track a few inches higher than this. This will instantly create a sense of height in the concerned room. 

If you want to get a ready-made curtain, then you will be able to get a number of sizes to choose from. These include:

  1. 117cm (46”)
  2. 168cm (66”)
  3. 228cm (90”)

In order to determine the curtain size that you will be requiring, you have to measure the length of the pole or rails. It should be noted that the measurements need to be taken between the finials. This can be considered as the width of your curtain. If you go with this width, then you will be getting a beautiful, full gathering even when the curtains are closed. This will assist in creating a sumptuous finish which will look very elegant. If your curtain rail has an overlap, then you must include the length of the overlap while measuring the width of the rail.

However, it should be kept in mind that the level of fullness that you might be requiring will depend upon the header types. Likewise, the fabric of your curtain is also very important. If the material is thin, then you will require more fabric to achieve the desired fullness. A thicker fabric, on the other hand, will require less material to achieve adequate fullness.

Drop Measurements

In case you are thinking how to measure for curtains accurately, then you should go through the drop measurements in detail. When it comes to the readymade curtains, you will be able to get the following drop sizes to choose from.

  1. 137cm (54”)
  2. 182cm (72”)
  3. 228cm (90”)

While measuring the curtain drop, you should measure from the curtain track or pole. If you are getting curtains with eyelets or tab tops, then you must take the measurements from the top of the pole. This will enable the fabric head to hang above the pole. On the other hand, if you have wave, pinch, or pencil headings, then you have to take the measurements from the bottom of the rings or the top of the track.

In the case of sill length curtains, you have to take measurements in such a manner that curtains should end 1 cm above the sill. If you want below sill curtains, then you should make sure that the curtains are reaching about 15 cm below the sill. The floor length curtains must lie about 1 cm above the floor.

Sometimes, your windows might have a radiator below it. During such instances, the curtains must finish 2-3 cm above the radiator. This way the heat will not be blocked by the fabric of the curtain.

Curtain Headings

Now that we know how to measure for curtains accurately, let’s go through the vital aspects regarding the curtain headings. As we all know, currently you will be able to come across a wide variety of curtain headings in the market. The hanging methods might vary according to the particular heading that is being used.

  1. The wave headings tend to have fluid and curving finish. In this case, the curtains can hang from either a pole or a track.
  1. In the case of eyelet headings, you will be provided large metal rings which will be sewn into the heading. It looks a lot like the tab top headings, and are threaded straight onto a pole. In this case, the curtains will hang in uniform and long folds.
  1. Pencil pleat headings can be hung beautifully from any curtain track with the help of hooks. 
  1. Inverted pleat headings can be considered as an elegant heading that has a soft simplicity. In this case, the best stacking is achieved with the help of a rod.
  1. New York pleat headings create a very contemporary look. It can be considered as a softly rounded heading and here, you need to use the buckram polyester tape.

So, we have seen how to measure for curtains accurately. It is appropriate to say that there are three integral aspects that need to be considered while measuring the curtain size. First is the width, second is the drop, and the last one is the curtain headings. Each of these aspects need to be handled carefully in order to get the perfect curtains for your place.

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