QuickBooks Error 6190 Resolved with Simple Techniques

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QuickBooks Error 6190

QuickBooks records the sales transaction in real time and stores them in the company files securely. However, internal issues like QuickBooks error 6190 can sometimes make accessing the company file complex for the users. In case this error code appears on your QBDT, read this blog till the end to find out the causes and elimination methods to tackle the error.

Fix the error easily with the troubleshooting guidance provided by our QB support team at 1-855-856-0042.

Leading causes of error 6190 in QuickBooks Desktop

Your QuickBooks displays this error code when it fails to establish a successful connection with the company file. Here’s why you encounter this error code while accessing the company file on your QuickBooks-

  • The Transaction log (.tlg) file used to store the transactions has been damaged and causes DBSM issues while accessing the data file.
  • Antiviruses or any other security program on your computer have quarantined QB files, leading to malfunctions in the software.
  • QuickBooks is internally damaged by bugs and glitches developing due to partial software installation on your PC.

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The methods you need to eliminate QuickBooks error code 6190 and 816

You will lose access to the financial data after this 6XXX series error emerges on your QB Desktop. The applicable measures to get rid of this company file error are mentioned below-

Solution 1- Rerun Database Server Manager after recreating the transaction log file

QuickBooks stores all the financial transactions in the transaction log (.tlg) which is used by the Database Server Manager during multi-user network setup. This file can replace the company file in case the original file gets damaged or fails to run due to other reasons. The DBSM instantly falls prey to issues when the .tlg file fails to run, and the multi-user network breaks down as a result. You’ll have to recreate the transaction log file as shown in the following steps to prevent DBSM issues while hosting the data file-

  1. Go to the QB folder location in the C: drive using your system’s file explorer.
  2. Right-click the damaged transaction log (.tlg) file and select the Rename option.
  3. Add ‘.old’ as an extension to the file name and launch your DBSM after saving the file.
  4. Click the Scan Folders option and tap Browse in the tab to enter the location of QB folder.
  5. Click Start Scan and wait until all the folder contents get scanned by the DBSM.

Jump to the next solution if the company file error reappears after fixing the transaction log file.

Solution 2- Fix internal issues in QB using the Quick fix my program tool

QuickBooks can also malfunction while opening the company file if bugs and glitches interrupt the software processes. You can tackle the internal issues with the help of QB tool hub as shown in the steps below-

  1. Run the QB tool hub application on your system and select the Program Problems in the menu.
  2. Click the Quick fix my program option and wait until all the technical snags are removed by the tool.


This blog helps us discover the primary triggers for QuickBooks error 6190 which stops you opening the data file. You can find the appropriate counter techniques in the blog and we hope you implement them on your computer to access the financial data without any problems. Consult our QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 if you encounter problems while using the solutions.

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