What Types of Damages Can Be Recovered in a Medical Malpractice Case?


medical malpractice

Someone who is injured or becomes ill under the care of a medical professional could have a case for medical malpractice. If you feel you have a case, you may begin to wonder what kinds of damages you can recover. While explaining the details of your case to an attorney is perhaps the best way to find out, the following goes over some basic damages you could seek.

Medical Treatment Costs

More than likely when someone isn’t cared for properly, he or she has to undergo more medical treatments to fix the mistake of the original health care provider. If that is the case for you, it’s possible for you to receive medical treatment costs as part of your settlement. This could include both costs you have already paid, as well as future medical treatment costs.

Lost Wages

Some situations involving medical malpractice may result in the victim being unable to work — either permanently, or for a short period of time. A lawyer can help you determine how much work you are going to miss over the course of your injury or illness so you’ll have a good idea how much to seek in terms of lost wages.

Loss of Consortium

Whether the medical malpractice case you’re involved in resulted in the death of a loved one, or just an injury, it’s very possible the entire family is suffering. Loss of consortium is a claim that benefits the family of the victims. If the plaintiff is in a mental or physical state in which he or she cannot show love, compassion, affection, sexual intimacy, and other similar emotions, it could take a toll on various members of the family, and they could receive monetary compensation for it.

Pain and Suffering

There’s more than just the physical pain of injury that comes with a medical malpractice case. While physical pain is a part of this type of damage, mental pain is also taken into consideration. Some reasons to seek compensation for pain and suffering include physical discomfort or disfigurement and scarring. Also included are emotions such as humiliation, loss of life’s enjoyment, anguish, sleeplessness, anxiety, embarrassment, and other similar feelings.

Getting Started by Contacting a Lawyer

Anyone involved in a medical malpractice case should consider contacting a lawyer. Whether you’re the victim, the loved one of a victim or the medical professional who the case is filed against, it’s important you have proper representation. Contact a Personal Injury lawyer today to get started with your case.

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