ByRoad Luxury Car Club Blog Post

Ever dreamed of driving your favourite sports car but just not quite being able to afford to buy one, or maybe you simply don’t want to own one but just want to feel some exotic horsepower from time to time?

The ByRoad team can make your dreams come true, offering you to join its exclusive membership club.

The ByRoad Luxury Car Club opens the doors to a fleet of high performance cars of your choice, whether it is an Aston Martin, a McLaren or a Bentley tickling your fancy, to name just a few.

Don’t have the exact model you want? We’ll find the closest matching your preferences and are open to suggestions to add the favourites to our collection over time.

It is a bit like having your own garage full of those special cars without the hassle and expense of owning them.

How’s that you may wonder?

Well, access to our cars is easy, fast and convenient. Become a select member of our club, and then any time you feel like some powerful wheels, get onto our web-site, or app, and you’re a few clicks away from ‘owning’ one, at preferential rates of course.

Now is a good time to join, we have a time-limited promotional monthly membership fee of Dh199 offer going on as we speak. Although the membership is renewed annually, we are flexible, maybe you’re moving away, or have any other personal reason, so you can cancel any time.

We will do a quick vetting of your driving abilities, well yes, we do trust you with the jewels of our car fleet, and we’ll fully insure you to take those powerful wheels onto the road.

Don’t worry it isn’t a driving test, but we trust you’ll understand we have to make sure you have a UAE driving license, are a resident, and provide us with a reasonably clean driving history. At the end of the day you wouldn’t want to have to pay more just because our insurance costs are driven up, right?

When you go onto our web portal, or mobile app, you’ll notice that all luxury cars are bookable by members only. After choosing your favourite wheels you can also chose from a variety of distance packages, which best suit your daily kilometres usage, and of course the time you want the car for.

Once you confirm those details, one more click and the car will be on your Dubai doorstep within 45 minutes. Should you live in another emirate, we would for now ask you to pick the vehicle up at our office in Dubai.

That’s it you’re ready enjoy your drive.

Not sure there is a need to put this part in the blog….

You may wonder what happens in case you do get yourself into trouble, we do hope you don’t, but the maximum charge for a possible ar your fault accident would be Dh4000. Other than that should you drive more kilometres than you thought, you’ll just need to pay for the extra, and obviously we don’t tend to pay your speeding and other traffic fines, or petrol.

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