Best Invoicing Software for Small Businesses


A top Invoicing Software for your review eendorsements Small Businesses provides business owners with an efficient tool for money management. It streamlines sending invoices, tracking expenses and reconciling accounts. In addition, this tool offers valuable granular insights and standard reports.

Wave is free to use and features paid upgrades for payment gateways and add-on services, customizable templates, mobile app functionality, multiple currencies/languages support.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct’s scalability and flexibility make it suitable for businesses at every stage of growth, offering multiple perspectives of financial data to enable users to make well-informed decisions. In addition, Sage Intacct boasts an enhanced security level – its platform can be tailored specifically to your business needs while meeting government-mandated report templates for government submission.

This software features a range of tools designed to simplify accounting processes, from invoice creation and invoicing, payment processing and banking through tracking expenses and timesheets, all the way to automatically recognizing contract revenues and automating timesheets and milestone billing.

Their customizable true cloud accounting solution gives you the ability to choose which functionality best fits your current business needs and add features as your company expands. Their public API enables integration with other apps for improved data quality and eliminating manual data reentry.


Invoice2go provides all the features a freelancer or eEndorsements small business requires to send invoices out quickly, such as free invoices for newly established businesses, smartphone apps that allow invoices to be sent on the go, annual discounts and support options with chat support and self help content. Unfortunately, however, its drawbacks include limited invoices per bottom plan and its significantly higher costs in premium plans.

Invoice2go offers more than mobile apps; it also provides an elegant and user-friendly interface to create professional invoices quickly. The software lets you personalize your business logo and add watermarks. Furthermore, Invoice2go features a client portal to store payment details securely while automating reminders to avoid late payments.

Invoice2go provides another valuable feature: customizable reports that give insights into a business’s performance. These reports can be accessed via either its dashboard or client portal.

Square Invoices

Square Invoices was designed to save time and expedite payment faster. You can send digital estimates and invoices from anywhere, track payments in real-time and automatically send reminders, accept card or ACH bank transfers 24/7 and customize invoices to include your business logo or terms and conditions; plus a new feature called Square Contracts allows users to select contract templates with digital signature capabilities for signature collection.

Price and quantity can also be set separately to ensure accurate calculations and create more professional looking invoices. Free to use and suitable for business owners, contractors and freelancers – it also has an extensive seller community which is always there to offer support if any questions or issues arise.


With Indy, you get access to an array of freelance business tools. The platform enables you to craft and deliver professional proposals, draft contracts with ease and submit timely invoices – plus it features tools that improve client communication and project management.

Indy’s features include an intuitive dashboard that offers cross-project insights to keep projects on schedule, upload documents for client review and view change tracking history – you can even access previous versions of documents for review without email chains and cloud storage links!

Indy offers an attentive development team that listens to user feedback and implements new features consistently. Their free plan enables users to use it with up to three clients at the same time and offers proposal templates, an invoice generator, form builder, project management views, 10GB file storage capacity and educational courses – everything needed for efficient client interactions!

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