How to choose student accommodation Krakow

Sarah Matthews

Student Accommodation Krakow

Selecting your student housing is a crucial first step in your study abroad experience. With so many possibilities at your disposal, you’ll want something that fulfills your requirements. 

It can seem like a significant move to study abroad in Krakow, and it is. You might be living away from home for the first time, or maybe you’ve never lived on a college campus. To ensure that your time studying is productive and that you feel safe, at ease, and at home in a new place, it’s critical to choose the ideal student housing. But how precisely do you choose a place for a student? We can assist you by outlining your alternatives for student housing, important considerations, and advice on how to make the best choice.

Why is selecting a place to live for students important?

Your housing should be your main priority, even though your degree and the university you choose to attend may be of greater importance. Your choice of lodging should be in line with your preferences, character, and financial constraints. Not all sorts of lodging might be to your taste. Your whole experience and emotional state are greatly influenced by where you reside while you’re a student. 

Make sure you do a full and realistic assessment of your possibilities. Speak with the accommodation or international offices of the university you are considering. If at all possible, take advantage of a virtual open day to tour the lodging options and learn what’s available.

It is advised that you book your student housing in advance of departing to pursue your studies overseas. It is not advisable to arrive at your study destination without a place to live. Before completing your enrollment, universities may occasionally request proof of your housing if you live off campus. 

Things to consider when selecting student housing

There is always the ideal student housing option available, even though it can be challenging to choose the best one for your requirements and tastes. But before you make your choice official, remember to consider the following:


You will store your personal stuff here because the student housing will be your haven during your time in college. You may be leaving money, a laptop, and other valuables at any time, depending on your regular routine. In light of this, one of the things you want to think about is the location’s general security.

Take your time verifying the security of your potential Student Accommodation Krakow before you sign a contract and pay the rent. Verify whether the house is equipped with security cameras and whether the locks are strong enough. It’s imperative to find out if there are security personnel on duty who can conduct periodic patrols. It is preferable to have additional security measures.


You should be sure to consider the total cost of accommodation because, as a student, you may not have a lot of money to spend on it. If at all possible, figure out how much you can afford by creating a budget. Make sure the extra money you spend on your student housing is worthwhile and includes everything you require.


One important consideration when choosing a property is how close it is to your campus. An hour’s worth of commute time for cheap student housing could result in significant extra costs and stress.

Choose the closest student housing option on your school, if your budget permits. Not only is it convenient, but it also frees up more time for studying since you won’t be concerned about lengthy commutes or travel times. If you have some free time in between lessons, it’s also more economical and handy.

Activities & facilities on-site

The resources at your disposal and the activities on offer will play a significant role in your experience. The following are some excellent on-site amenities to look for that will enhance student living:

  • A gym to maintain your health, happiness, and physical condition.
  • social areas in the community where people can gather with friends and forge closer bonds.
  • a café on site where you may study or meet up with friends over coffee.
  • A washing room of your own—unfortunately, your parents won’t do this for you!
  • There are designated workspaces where you can work quietly when you need to.
  • There’s no shortage of outside space to hang out with friends, enjoy the fresh air, and decompress.
  • Your room has an en suite bathroom.

WiFi Connection

More than any other age group, young students nowadays recognize the need for a reliable internet connection. This is essential for your coursework and research, but it’s also useful for unwinding with a Netflix documentary or keeping in touch with loved ones back home. It’s critical to identify residence halls that can maintain a robust WiFi signal even when several students are connected at once.

How many roommates do you plan to share?

It’s helpful to know how many people will be using the kitchen and how many of each appliance (such as refrigerators, stoves and sinks) there will be if you’re renting a room in a shared apartment. If there are communal showers and toilets, this also holds true. The Residents’ Team can help you choose a room that meets your needs if you speak with them.

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