If you want to keep the ears healthy then practice these 4 yoga


If you want to keep the ears healthy then practice these 4 yoga

What is the cause of hearing loss? In today’s time, stress and noise pollution are increasing rapidly, due to which the problem of hearing loss or hearing loss has become common in people. To keep the ears healthy, you should adopt yoga. The health of the ears can be improved by doing yoga. People who are over 50 are more prone to ear-related problems. With age, the nerves weaken, and the ability to hear gradually decreases. If you keep doing yoga, your ears will be healthy. People who have low hearing or have ear-related diseases such as tinnitus, then they should do yoga for at least half an hour daily. To keep the ears healthy, you can do zero mudras, Matsyasana, Bhramari pranayama, etc. Join the 200 Hour Yoga TTC Rishikesh for the best in your career and health.

If you want to keep the ears healthy then practice these 4 yoga

1. Zero mudras is beneficial for the health of the ears –

The posture of the hands can also keep the body healthy. One such currency is zero currency. Zero means zero or zero. According to the mudras, the five fingers of the hand represent five things – fire, air, space, earth, and water. Shunya mudra is considered beneficial in vertigo, enhancing hearing, and curing tinnitus, a disease of the ears. You can do this yoga for half an hour and at any time in the day.

How to do Zero Mudra:

  • To remove the zero posture, you sit on the ground by lying on a mat.

  • Sit in a completely quiet environment and do not allow noise or the sound of gadgets around you.

  • After sitting comfortably, keep the spine straight.

  • You have to sit and close your eyes, by this you will be able to meditate better.

  • Keeping your hands towards the knees, bend the middle finger in such a way that it presses the thumb.

    You have to keep all the other fingers straight. Now meditate and keep breathing at normal speed.

  • You have to repeat this mudra with both hands.

If you want to keep the ears healthy then practice these 4 yoga

2. Matsyasana is beneficial for the ears

By doing Matsyasana, the hearing power of the ears improves and the muscles of the neck part get relaxed. By doing this asana, blood circulation increases in the area near the head and ears. By doing Matsyasana, the muscles of the lower back and upper back are strengthened, by doing this asana, the throat and neck are also stretched. We also call Matsyasana a Fish Pose.

How to do Matsyasana:

  • To do this asana, you lie down on your back. While lying down, your back will be connected to the ground.
  • You have to keep your palms under the hips, that is, towards the ground.
  • Cross your feet and keep your knees and thighs flat on the floor. Inhale and lift the chest upwards.
  • You have to raise the head up along with the chest, while doing this your head will touch the ground.
  • You will feel the pressure on the shoulders while raising the chest.
  • Stay in this state for a few seconds and then come back to normal. 

3. Ears remain healthy by doing Bhramari Pranayama-

Doing Bhramari Pranayama, it is also called Humming Bee or Bee Breath Pose. Hearing ability improves by doing Bhramari Pranayama. This pranayama is considered beneficial for the ears as well as the nose and throat. While doing this yoga, emitting a humming sound creates an echo in the ears, which relaxes the cells and nerves.

How to do Bhramari Pranayama:

  • To do Bhramari Pranayama, choose a quiet place, where the air is fresh.
  • After choosing the place, sit in a calm posture with your eyes closed.
  • Lift your index finger and place it on the ear. Place the other finger between the ear and the skin of the cheek.
  • While doing this, take a deep breath and press the finger lightly while exhaling.
  • While doing this action, you have to make a bee-like buzzing sound from the throat. Repeat this action 7 to 8 times.
If you want to keep the ears healthy then practice these 4 yoga

4. To keep the ears healthy, do Vrikshasana.

By doing Tree Pose or Vrikshasana, blood circulation increases and it is beneficial for the health of the ears. This yoga creates balance and keeps the ears healthy. By doing Vrikshasana, the blood supply in the ears increases. The part of the nose and shoulder becomes flexible and the spine gets strengthened, which benefits the ears.

How to do Vrikshasana:

  • It is easy to do Vrikshasana, you stand straight.
  • You have to keep both your hands near the thighs. Now keep your left foot firmly on the ground.
  • Keep the left leg straight. Keep breathing at normal speed.
  • Bend the knee of the right leg and place it on the left thigh.
  • Take a deep breath and raise your hands. You have to take a posture of Namaskar by taking your hands up.
  • You have to maintain your balance by standing in this pose, there may be difficulty in the beginning, but then the balance will be created.
  • While doing this pose, you have to keep your spine straight. You have to release the body while exhaling deeply. Slowly bring your hands down and place your feet on the ground.
  • After coming to the normal position, repeat the same process with the other leg.

If your ears are being treated then you can do these easily with treatment, but if you are feeling that the hearing ability of your ears is decreasing then show the doctor, treatment with yoga is also necessary only then The disease can be eradicated from the root.

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