How To Increase Your Cognitive Thinking Ability

Gaurav Mahlawat

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The digitization of education in the last decade has engulfed all aspects of creativity and innovation in the curriculum. We must induct more and more technological use cases in education that are going to drive changes.

Cognitive thinking abilities are very essential to succeed in life as talented students have higher thinking capabilities. This will make you deft in the subject whenever you go deep into a concept you will look at its applicability, formulations (through derivations or other means) and related concepts.  Just take puzzling questions that require you to ponder and have more than one solution. Suppose you are a cricketer and you want to pick the ball of the leg spinner whether he will throw leg break, googly or dusra. Then you need to look at the wrist, eyes and the throw of the ball and that will require you to practice a lot for building muscle memory. Mathematics generally requires you to put your mind to problems. Theoretical concepts are applied to practical problems. This will help you to be a problem solver.

Analytical skills are those where you deconstruct the concepts from the first principle. Cognitive thinking has many applications from professional to personal life. I have seen students getting placed in top giants such as FAANG companies from these tier 3 colleges. The reason for their placement is cognitive thinking ability. Top companies such as AMAZON, Infosys and TCS come for campus placements at Mody University.

Check Your Cognitive Competencies: Cognitive competence can be achieved through struggle if you don’t have inculcated these values. You must be tamed in a manner to understand the value of hard work and that will render you results so make sure that you develop cognitive competence in your early college days.

Cognitive Competence will increase your creativity and innovation: We are expected to be bookworms this is the most emphasized thing in school and college days which suppresses our creativity and innovation.

Evaluate your past decisions: Your past decisions will show you the patterns of how you think and how you must have thought before analyzing and making decisions. The evaluation of decisions is very necessary as that will pave the way for you to make improvements in further decision-making.

Learn something new: Whenever you try learning new that will activate new neurons in your mind. That will help you in growing your mind and personality. When you learn something new it has its own epistemology and ontology so you explicitly learn to comprehend existential realities through analytical approaches.

Ask questions: Ask as many questions as you can that will make you more confident. This will never be desultory as you will have to put in wholesome effort. Questions must be relevant and in proximity to why and how. The parse of the internal conceptual construct will clear your doubts. If you have brain fog then that will get pall away when you ask questions. This is a regimen for these disorders.  

Study how others make decisions: Decisions are very crucial as we generally get results based on our decisions. For example suppose you are a cricketer and you know you are a tail ender and you decided not to touch a bouncer, Yorker and good length ball. You will just focus on loose balls and be defensive at all other balls. This will make you score more runs because you have taken a prudent decision. In life whatever decisions we make shape our destiny.

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