Hantaran Kahwin: Unique Ideas for Wedding Gifts

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Wedding preparations, including selecting the perfect ‘hantaran kahwin’, are not merely tasks to tick off. They mark the thrilling prelude to a couple’s most enchanting journey, brimming with hopes, dreams, and a touch of anticipation. While the joy is palpable, these preparations call for meticulous planning, dedicated time, energy, and often, a notable financial outlay.

In this guide, we’re not just scratching the surface with common choices. We’re diving deep, bringing to the fore 17 offbeat wedding gift ideas tailored for both the modern man and the contemporary woman.

What is ‘Hantaran Kahwin’?

Hantaran Kahwin‘ is not just a gift—it’s a cherished tradition. It refers to the mutually agreed-upon amount presented by the husband to the wife. In the context of Islamic customs, while ‘Hantaran Kahwin’ is seen as a generous gesture, it’s not obligatory. However, the ‘mas kahwin’ holds a different significance.

What are ‘Barang Hantaran Kahwin’?

Delving deeper into wedding traditions, ‘Barang Hantaran’ signifies the tangible manifestations of love and commitment. These are gift items exchanged between the couple, symbolizing their unity. They can be deeply traditional, resonating with age-old Malay customs or can be reimagined to reflect contemporary sensibilities.

The Evolving Face of ‘Barang Hantaran’

Traditionally, these gifts had staple items that were always included. However, in the age of personalization, couples are becoming more innovative. Now, it’s not unusual to see ‘Barang Hantaran’ include personalized keepsakes, experiences like spa vouchers, or even books that mean something to the couple.

What is ‘Mas Kahwin’?

‘Mas Kahwin’ is not just a gift; it’s a binding promise, a testament to the husband’s responsibility, commitment, and undying love. This mandatory offering is rooted in religious teachings, explicitly mentioned in the Quran. Its significance is paramount, symbolizing the husband’s duty, respect, and affection for his wife.

The ‘mas kahwin’ has a fluid value, which might oscillate based on regional norms—ranging anywhere from a few tens to hundreds of ringgit. Given its dynamic nature, it’s imperative to stay updated and finalize the ‘mas kahwin’ amount in accordance with the prevailing rate.

Crafting the Perfect Gift Tray

The art of gifting in Malay weddings goes beyond the gift itself. How it’s presented plays an equally crucial role. The ‘dulang’, or tray, used to present gifts during Malay wedding ceremonies, often becomes a keepsake, cherished for years. It’s essential to choose a ‘dulang’ that complements the gifts and resonates with the overall theme of the wedding.

List of Gift Items for the Bride


Undoubtedly, jewellery items are among the selected gift items for women. Traditional jewellery sets are usually included in the ‘dulang’ (tray) for the ceremonial washing of hands. Other jewellery items like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more can also be included.

‘Mas Kahwin’ and Gift Money

There are various creative arrangements for the ‘dulang mas kahwin’ and gift money, such as folded money designs and replica checks. Nowadays, there are also gift sets that include gold bars.

‘Hantaran Sirih Junjung/Tepak Sireh’

‘Sirih junjung’ and ‘tepak sireh’ are Malay traditions used during engagement, proposal, or wedding ceremonies.


A handbag is a classic and popular gift choice for women. Choose a style that suits your future wife’s taste.

Makeup Set

Makeup sets, skincare products, and cosmetics are highly favoured gift items for women. There are various reputable brands to choose from.


The bride will want to smell fragrant on her wedding day. A set of perfumes can become her signature fragrance.


Shoes are an essential gift item. Usually, the shoes will be worn by the bride on her wedding day.

Prayer Items

Select items like prayer attire (‘telekung’), Quran, and prayer rug (‘sejadah’) as gifts. These represent the intention to worship together as husband and wife.


The wedding cake can be both a decorative element and a sweet gift shared with the family.

List of Gift Items for the Groom


Both the bride and groom should exchange rings as gift items. There are various affordable and attractive ring options suitable for the groom’s gifts.


Watches are a popular choice as the groom’s gifts. Choose based on your partner’s taste and the budget.

Electronic Gadgets

Recently, electronic gadgets like smartwatches have become popular choices for groom’s gifts.


A wallet or clutch bag is suitable for a groom’s gift. It can be matched with the bride’s handbag if desired.

Traditional Attire

Traditional Malay attire like ‘Baju Melayu’ is a suitable gift for the groom. There are various unique styles to choose from.


Perfume is a versatile gift item for both parties. Choose a suitable men’s fragrance for your partner.


Food gifts like fruits are well-liked and a classic choice for the groom’s gifts.


Gift a Quran as a gesture of intention to worship together as husband and wife.

The Symbolism Behind Each Gift

Every item in the ‘Barang Hantaran’ holds a deeper meaning. For instance, gifting the Quran signifies the importance of spiritual growth and guidance in the couple’s life. Traditional attires like ‘Baju Melayu’ are not just garments; they signify cultural roots and a promise to uphold traditions.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Gifts

Determine ‘Mas Kahwin’ and Gift Amounts

Discuss these amounts with both sets of parents or family members. Ensure everyone is comfortable with the chosen gift amounts, and make sure ‘mas kahwin’ aligns with regional rates.

Decide on the Number of Gift Trays

According to Malay tradition, the number of gift trays should be an odd number. For instance, if the bride prepares 7 trays, the groom should prepare 5 trays.

Set a Theme Colour

Usually, both the bride and groom have a theme colour. Ensure the gift trays also follow the theme of the wedding.

Avoid Surprises

Surprises might not align well with Malay customs that emphasise tradition and etiquette. Ensure both parties agree on all decisions.

Avoid Excess

It’s best not to go overboard. Remember to share your blessings and strengthen family ties.


Planning a wedding is like weaving a tapestry of dreams, emotions, and traditions. Gifts, especially in the context of Malay weddings, are not mere items but threads that add color to this tapestry. By following the guidelines and staying true to both tradition and personal preferences, couples can ensure a harmonious blend of old and new. And remember, every gift, no matter how small, becomes priceless when wrapped in love. For a plethora of options and ingenious ideas for wedding gifts, don’t hesitate to peruse the Love & Co. catalogue at https://love-and-co.com.my/shop/.

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