Celebrating Diwali in the USA: A Feast of 7 Delicious Indian Dishes

Jack Rayan

As Diwali is basically an Indian celebration, its soul and charm have risen above topographical boundaries, making it a worldwide celebration. Within the United States, Diwali has picked up gigantic notoriety, and people from diverse backgrounds energetically take part in the merriments. Apart from ordering Diwali gifts online in the USA, Diwali celebrations is the scrumptious cluster of traditional Indian dishes that grace cuisine tables during this favorable occasion. In this blog, we are going explore seven heavenly Indian dishes that have gotten to be an integral portion of Diwali celebrations in the USA.


Samosas, with their crispy pastry shells and savory fillings, are a quintessential Indian snack enjoyed during Diwali and throughout the year. These triangular delights are filled with a mixture of spiced potatoes, peas, and sometimes minced meat. They are deep-fried to golden perfection, resulting in a delightful crunch with each bite. Served with mint chutney or tamarind sauce, samosas are a must-have at Diwali gatherings in the USA. Their popularity extends beyond the Indian community, as they have become a favorite snack among Americans as well.

Paneer Tikka:

Paneer tikka is a popular vegetarian appetizer that has found its way into Diwali celebrations in the USA. It consists of cubes of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) marinated in a mixture of yogurt and aromatic spices. The paneer is then chopped and barbecued or broiled until it gets to be smoky and charred. Served with a side of mint chutney and lemon wedges, paneer tikka may be a delightful add-on to any Diwali menu.

Butter Chicken:

Butter chicken, moreover known as murgh makhani, is a rich and delectable curry that has become a cherished dish at Diwali feasts in the USA. Tender pieces of chicken are marinated in a special mix of yogurt and flavors, then cooked in a tasty tomato-based gravy that is enhanced with butter and cream. The result is a heavenly dish that combines the flavors of delicious tomatoes, fragrant flavors, and the lavishness of dairy. 


Biryani is undoubtedly fragrant and flavorful rice dish that holds an extraordinary place in Indian food. It is made by layering fragrant basmati rice with spiced meat or vegetables and cooking it all together until the rice is soft and imbued with the flavors of the spices. The layers of rice and filling make a visually engaging dish that’s as delightful to the eyes as it is to the sense of taste. Biryani is often garnished with fried onions, fresh herbs, and fried nuts, adding a delightful crunch and burst of flavor. During Diwali celebrations in the USA, biryani is a favorite choice for a main course, enjoyed by families and friends alike.

Gulab Jamun:

No Indian festival, including Diwali, is complete without a sweet treat, and gulab jamun is a beloved dessert that takes center stage. Gulab jamun is a symbol of celebration and togetherness, making it an essential part of Diwali festivities in the USA.


Jalebi is another popular Indian sweet that adds a burst of color and sweetness to Diwali celebrations. These spiral-shaped treats are made from a fermented mix of maida (all-purpose flour) and yogurt, deep-fried to a fresh surface, and after that soaked in a sugar syrup imbued with saffron and cardamom. Jalebi’s special orange tint and intricate look make it visually engaging, and its sweet and tart flavor is a favorite among those with a sweet tooth. In the USA, jalebi is often served warm, ensuring that it retains its delightful crispiness and sweetness. You can also opt for online Diwali sweet delivery and get the sweet delights delivered to your loved one’s doorstep.

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Diwali is a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration for people of Indian origin living in the USA and for those who appreciate Indian culture. Central to the Diwali experience are the delectable Indian dishes that grace the dining tables during this festive season. From savory samosas to creamy butter chicken and sweet gulab jamun, these dishes represent the rich and diverse culinary heritage of India. In the USA, these dishes have found a home in Diwali celebrations, bringing people of different backgrounds together to savor the flavors of India and celebrate the triumph of light over darkness. As Diwali continues to gain recognition and popularity in the USA, these delicious Indian dishes will undoubtedly remain an integral part of the festivities, uniting people in the spirit of joy, love, and delicious food.

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