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If you’re traveling New Orleans for the very first time, the number of attractions to do along with see could seem overwhelming! There are vegan beignets to eat, scary graves to explore, great jazz to scat, and much more with Breeze Airways Seat Selection.


1. Voodoo and get a Tarot reading

Did you know that Voodoo has nothing to do with black magic or stuffing pins into a doll to torture someone you don’t like?! I was astounded as well! My Voodoo tour gave me an intriguing background on this religious practice. I was particularly fortunate in that our tour guide was a walking voodoo historian – his father had written four books on the subject! You should do this if you’re even somewhat interested in knowing more. After the tour, go to Voodoo Authentica in the French Quarter for a tarot reading – this is a great time to ask any burning questions you have. The store also sells Voodoo dolls, Gris Gris bags, herbal oil mixtures, and New Orleans, Haitian, and African art.

2. Garden District & Shop on Magazine Street

Even if you don’t join a Garden District tour, you should spend some time exploring the tree-lined lanes and admiring the spectacular homes. You should not miss St. Charles and Prytania – on St. Charles, you can take the dark green streetcar to save your feet a few steps. After your house-hunting experience, head to Magazine Street for the best shopping in New Orleans — skip Canal Street; this is better! Fun independent stores, art galleries, cafes, smoothie shops, and more can be here.  

3. Frenchmen Street

This is New Orleans’ musical heart. Jazz, blues, reggae, rock, and other rhythmic sounds will please your ears! The busy and frenetic street is alive with music, not only at the clubs but also on the sidewalks and street corners. Plan a nighttime visit to one (or all) of the many clubs – the Spotted Cat, Blue Nile, and Snug Harbor are excellent places to begin!

4. Bacchanal Wine

More live music, but this time in what appears to be someone’s backyard! Bacchanal Wine is a one-of-a-kind establishment in the Bywater district. It’s not your usual New Orleans neighborhood, which adds to its attraction. It’s an excellent plan to pack a glass of wine for sharing if you’re attending with a group. In any case, if you only want a glass, head up to the bar. Throughout the week, their back patio includes live music; it’s a great place to unwind beneath the stars all year.

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5. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras isn’t a one-time event in New Orleans; it’s a massive industry that requires a lot of imagination and labor all year! If you can’t make it to one of the 54 parades, 588 marching bands, or 1,061 floats in person, make sure to stop by Mardi Gras Plaza. If you chance to be in town during the festivities, use this Mardi Gras guidebook to plan ahead! The throbbing core of Mardi Gras is the 300,000-square-foot container. Here, you can witness artists working on new and distinctive ideas for the coming year, as well as observe former floats up close! This is also a great chance for children to get to know the excitement of Mardi Gras!

6. Carousel

Searching for a unique dining establishment? Then don’t miss The Hotel Monteleone’s Carousel Bar & Lounge. It is, indeed, a carousel, as the name suggests! The quirky carousel is the city’s only spinning bar and was one of the best 20 bars in the world by Vogue Living. It’s popular and difficult to get one of the 25 seats on the merry-go-round, but even if you can’t, it’s still worth seeing (there’s alternative seating, but it’s less exciting than sitting on the carousel).

7. Bourbon St. for Royal Ave

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge admirer of the French Quarter (but first-time visitors to New Orleans should go). It was too much for me, but, one street you should not miss is Royal Ave. Unlike the rest of the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, Royal Avenue is for its family-owned antique stores, art galleries, and other shopping.

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