5 Jigsaw Puzzles We Love

Jack Rayan

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Jigsaw puzzles aren’t just fun; they actually help boost your brain. They’re perfect for solitary time and great for kids too. Hugh Jackman (you know him as Wolverine from X-Men) loves to do jigsaws and Ronnie Wood, of the Rolling Stones, does too. They both love the way it makes you feel so connected to the world around you.

1. Monet’s Water Lilies

There’s no doubt that Claude Monet was an innovative artist. His work broke from traditional landscapes and portrayed subjects from modern life. He was known for his use of color and light. This particular painting, Waterlilies, was a departure from his realism paintings, as it dispensed with the horizon line altogether.

If you’re a fan of his work, try this double-sided jigsaw puzzle from Galison. One side is glossy, making the pieces easy to differentiate, while the other is matte for a challenge. For a more colorful option, this pop music-themed jigsaw would be perfect for anyone who loves Britney and Beyonce. Or, for Friends fans, this 1,000-piece option depicts a scene from the iconic show. It even includes a poster for hanging up after completion.

2. The Solar System

Space and astronomy remain popular topics for kids’ and adults’ jigsaw puzzles. The planets of our Solar System, Space Shuttles, telescopes and aliens make good graphics for younger puzzlers while thrilling images of spiral galaxies and dark-sky views provide challenge and a sense of achievement for grown-ups.

This colorful, 48-piece jigsaw features cartoon astronauts and rockets along with easily recognisable bodies of our cosmic neighborhood. It also comes with a fold-out ‘book’ that explains the size of each planet, dwarf planets and spacecraft.

Liberty puzzles are special because their pieces are made of quarter-inch-thick plywood cut into recognizable shapes (often called “whimsy pieces”). This gives them a more textured feel than cardboard jigsaws and means they’re often crafted to be heirlooms. They’re not the easiest to complete, but they reward patience and persistence with beautiful finishes.

3. The Art of Keith Haring

Turn your completed jigsaw into wall art with one of these beautiful options. Featuring scenic and cartoon images, these pieces are sure to satisfy everyone from Disney fans to architecture buffs. Plus, each puzzle includes a stylish reusable jar for storage and a tube of glue so you can make your art permanent once you finish.

For animal lovers, this stunning design from Gray Malin features awe-inspiring aerial photography of creatures from land and sea. It’s also a great option for beginners and seasoned puzzle pros alike. For a more complex challenge, this fine art jigsaw by Apostrophe Puzzles—a Black-owned and women-led company that strives to boost representation for artists of color—is a fun way to test your skills. The rounded design of this puzzle is a bit more challenging to assemble but is still visually appealing once complete.

4. Mario’s World

The best jigsaw puzzles are appealing enough to keep you engaged for hours and even more rewarding when you complete it. That means you need to choose one with an image that’s unique, aesthetically pleasing and will captivate your imagination as you piece it together.

Whether you’re a fan of pop culture or want to challenge yourself with a more complex design, there’s a puzzle for you. This double sided option from Galison is a perfect choice for architecture buffs as it depicts the exterior of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house on one side and detailed blueprints on the other.

If you’re a Friends fan, consider this 1,000-piece jigsaw for adults that will have you spending endless hours putting together Chandler, Rachel, Joey and Monica while you binge watch. The set also comes with a stylish, reusable jar to store the pieces when you’re done.

5. The Greatest Showman

If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll love this colorful jigsaw puzzle that celebrates the history of the movies. It’s sure to keep you entertained for hours and look great when finished.

This puzzle from Surf Shack Puzzles, a woman-owned company in Hawaii, takes you on a visual journey across all 50 states. You’ll also learn interesting tidbits about each state as you put together this gorgeous 1,000-piece puzzle.

If you’re a true Friends fan, this puzzle is for you. You’ll love assembling this iconic scene featuring Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Joey. It’s also perfect for re-watching old episodes with your besties while sipping some milkshakes. Once you’re done, it makes a fun wall art piece to hang on your gallery wall. The puzzle pieces are cut uniquely so there is no repetition, making the whole picture clear and easy to fit.

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