Pakistani Girls’ Party Wear Guide for Parents: How to Shop and Style

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Parents often find immense joy in dressing up their little girls for special occasions. In Pakistan, where culture and tradition hold significant importance, selecting the right party wear for your daughter is not just about fashion but also about celebrating heritage. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the world of Pakistani girls’ party wear, offering tips on how to shop for these beautiful outfits and style them to perfection.

Understanding Pakistani Party Wear

Pakistani party wear for girls is a vivid reflection of the country’s diverse cultural tapestry. These outfits encompass various styles and designs, many of which are miniaturized versions of traditional adult attire. The most common options include:

Lehenga Choli: The Lehenga Choli is a timeless favourite. It comprises a cropped top (choli), a long, flared skirt (lehenga), and a coordinating dupatta (scarf). It’s ideal for formal events such as weddings and traditional gatherings.

  1. Anarkali Dresses:

Anarkali dresses are known for their flowing, frock-style tops paired with fitted bottoms. They come in a range of colours and embellishments, making them perfect for weddings and festive occasions.

  1. Gharara Sets:

Gharara sets feature flared pants paired with a short kurti and a matching dupatta. They are both stylish and comfortable, making them a great choice for kids.

  1. Peshwas:

Peshwas, also known as frocks, are knee-length or floor-length outfits with flared bottoms. They are suitable for semi-formal gatherings and are often beautifully adorned with intricate embroidery.

Shopping for Pakistani Girls’ Party Wear

Shopping for Pakistani girls’ party wear can be an exciting but also challenging task. Here’s how to make the process smooth and enjoyable:

  1. Set a Budget:

Before you start shopping, determine your budget. Pakistani party wear for kids comes in a wide price range, so knowing your budget will help you narrow down your choices.

  1. Choose the Right Store:

Look for reputable stores that specialize in children’s party wear. In Pakistan, major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad offer a wide range of options. Online stores can also be convenient, but ensure they have good reviews and return policies.

  1. Select the Style:

Consider the type of event and the style you’re looking for. Do you want a traditional look or a more modern twist on classic designs? This decision will guide you towards a lehenga, an Anarkali dress, or another outfit.

  1. Fabric and Comfort:

Since your child will be wearing the outfit for an extended period, prioritize comfort. Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or silk. Make sure the company isn’t too heavy or restrictive.

  1. Customization and Tailoring:

Consider getting the outfit custom-tailored for a perfect fit. Customization allows you to choose the exact colour, design, and style you prefer.

  1. Accessories and Footwear:

Remember to buy matching accessories. This can include bangles, hair accessories, and footwear. These details can elevate the overall look.

Styling Tips for Pakistani Girls’ Party Wear

Once you’ve selected the outfit, it’s time to style it to perfection. Here are some tips to make your child look like a little princess:

  1. Hairstyling:

Choose a hairstyle that complements the outfit. For girls with long hair, intricate braids or loose curls can look stunning. Accessorize with flowers or hairpins for an authentic touch.

  1. Makeup for Kids:

Keep makeup minimal, especially for younger children. A light blush, a touch of lip gloss, and a bindi on the forehead can enhance the look without going overboard.

  1. Jewelry:

Select age-appropriate jewellery. Simple gold or silver earrings and a delicate necklace can add elegance without being too flashy.

  1. Dupatta Draping:

Drape the dupatta (scarf) elegantly, taking care not to overwhelm the child. You can use pins or brooches to secure it in place.

  1. Footwear:

Choose comfortable yet stylish footwear. Juttis (traditional Pakistani shoes) or embellished sandals can be a great choice.

Caring for Pakistani Party Wear

Pakistani party wear is often intricate and delicate. To ensure these outfits last and remain in good condition, it’s important to take proper care of them:

  • Dry Clean: Always dry clean party wear to maintain its quality and colour.
  • Store Carefully: Store outfits in cloth bags or plastic covers to protect them from dust and damage.
  • Avoid Stains: Be vigilant during parties to prevent spills and stains. Keep a stain remover on hand, just in case.


Dressing up your child in Pakistani party wear can be a delightful and culturally enriching experience. These outfits not only make your little one look adorable but also connect them with the rich heritage of Pakistan. By following the guidelines in this guide, you can navigate the world of Pakistani girls’ party wear with confidence, creating cherished memories on every special occasion.

Remember, it’s not just about the clothes; it’s about the confidence, happiness, and cultural appreciation that these outfits bring to your child’s life. So, embrace this artistic journey, celebrate every moment, and make every event a memorable one with beautiful, traditional attire for your little princess.

The essence of style is in the joy and grace it brings, and Pakistani party wear for girls encapsulates these values beautifully.

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