Explore the Gemstone Journey Through the World of Emerald


In the exquisite world of gemstones, each possesses a distinct feature. The mesmerizing allure and mystique of natural emerald stone is enchanting out of these gems. The panna stone price (popularly called Hindi) has captured the imagination of many cultures and civilizations for centuries. But beneath its captivating exterior lies a story of geological marvels, historical significance, and even metaphysical powers. In this blog, we will uncover various aspects of this gemstone. From its origin deep within the Earth to its symbolism and significance, this exploration will guide you through the verdant Pachu stone, revealing its beauty and mysteries.

History and Significance of Original Panna Stone 

Several names know this gemstone. For instance, the green emerald stone is referred to by names such as Budh Ratna, Pacha, Saupanaya, Markat, Maha Markat, Margadam, Pachu stone, and more. The beauty of this green-colored gemstone is well described in the encyclopedia ‘The Natural History’ by Rome’s Pliny the Elder. He described emerald as the best color to relieve eye strain and stress. 

The love of emerald gemstones by the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, has a significant reference in history. It was believed that the queen gave these precious stones to higher officials as a token of respect. Moreover, she loved emerald jewelry, which she often used to flaunt on special occasions. 

The stone of riches, the original Pachu stone , was also worn as talismans and portrayed as the power to predict the future. Out of the nine ratna , this gemstone is related to the planet Mercury. This precious gemstone is admired for its beauty and was considered auspicious, offered to Gods as per Hindu Culture.

What are the Astrological Benefits of the Pacha Stone? 

The Markatam stone is significant in growth, fertility, wealth, and power. Besides being used extensively as jewelry, this green stone also exhibits astrological benefits. 

  • Which planet is related to the green emerald stone? As per Vedic astrology, Mercury is associated with intellect, and this gemstone works very well with its magical effects. 
  • Those with the weak placement of Mercury planet in the horoscope are suggested to wear this gemstone. 
  • Students appearing in competitive exams should wear a Margadam stone to get wisdom and intelligence. 
  • This captivating stone has multiple healing qualities. 
  • Does Panna stone help in building love and commitment in a relationship? Yes, of course, this stone is associated with the Heart chakra. The benefits of this fantastic stone include strengthening the bond between couples. If you are considering why the Pachu Stone price is getting higher, this is one of the reasons.
  • Though not proven scientifically, emerald engagement rings are in trend due to the stone’s significance.

How Do I Buy Markat Stone Online

When buying panna stones online in India, the factors considered are cut, clarity, carat weight, and color.

  • Color: The color of the emerald stone not only reflects the arrival of spring but holds a vital significance. The color of the stone entails new beginnings. This desirable color marks the price of Pacha stone in India. The more intense the color of the stone, the higher the prices. The vivid, saturated emerald stone is considered the best among these gemstones.
  • Clarity: The inclusion-free natural Panna stone accounts for higher prices. Besides the common ‘garden inclusions,’ Brazilian emeralds feature two-phase inclusions, while Colombian emeralds exhibit three-phase inclusions.
  • Cut: A perfect symmetrical cut decides the price of Pachu stone, giving a flawless look to your adornment.
  • Carat Weight: The price of emerald stone per Ratti increases as the carat size increases. For instance, the price of Panna Stone 5.32 Ratti (Colombian Emerald 5.32 carat weight) varies with that of Pacha Stone 5.56 Ratti (Colombian Emerald 5.56 carat weight). This price difference is due to the different carat weights.

In conclusion, the natural Panna Ratna reveals its secrets through a captivating journey of exploration. From its rich history to its profound symbolism and healing properties, deciphering the green code of this captivating stone unveils a world of wonder and mystique that continues to enchant and inspire generations. 

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