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If you’re in search of an upgraded male masturbator sex toys for escorts, look no further. With cruise control technology to keep its motors going when pushing beyond limits, this high-tech toy offers something truly exceptional.

This robot comes equipped with an app for long-distance control and offers a library of interactive delights.


The TENGA Zero EV masturbator is well-designed and easy to maintain, but may be too intense for some users. Due to its tight interior and intricate detailing, lube or bodily fluids may collect inside. Therefore, it’s crucial that it dries completely before using again, in order to avoid bacterial infections and ensure optimal hygiene levels for use.

Tenga engineers put careful thought and consideration into this product from Tenga. Not one but two vibrating cores have been integrated into its elastomer sleeve to produce rumbling stimulation while you insert.

Flip Zero series’ latest addition, the Flip Zero EV model features a gyroscopic sensor to control rotational stimulation. Like its counterpart White model, it is fully waterproof and comes with a charging base so that you can clean and charge simultaneously. Although ideal for circumcised men, I suggest opting for less intense manual masturbators such as those found within Flip Hole series such as Original or Orb instead.

Kiiroo Keon

The Keon by Kiiroo is an automatic male masturbator that can be used in various ways. You can connect it to interactive 2D or VR adult content for an engaging experience, or sync up with partner toys for a thrilling couple’s session.

This Keon electric male masturbator is designed to work seamlessly with the FeelConnect 3.0 app, enabling you to connect it with interactive erotic content and other sexual toys for an unparalleled experience. There is an impressive list of options to select from – some of them including some of the top adult sites online!

I was really impressed by how responsive the Keon was to interactive erotic content it was connected with, syncing perfectly with each stroke of the dick and responding in time with what was happening on screen. Unfortunately, its battery only lasted 1.5 hours though!

Kiiroo Titan

The Titan is a male masturbator designed with an innovative vibration and sensation system. The inner sleeve contains three vibrating motors arranged as three ‘rods’ which deliver 9 points of vibration to form rings around your cock. You can easily operate this stroker manually via touch-sensitive areas on its sleeves or connect to interactive content like virtual porn, webcam performances and more for an interactive experience.

This stroker is fully teledildonic, so it can connect directly with any partner device for immersive sensorial stimulation and vice versa. Furthermore, interactive porn videos synced to Titan make you feel as if you are right there in the room with your favorite pornstar or 2D video star!

The Titan and Onyx 2 masturbators are stylishly and intelligently designed to bring orgasmic levels of pleasure. Each device includes a charging port with an discreet water-resistant cap for discreet use and made with skin-safe materials that provide maximum pleasure.

Tenga Flip Zero EV

Unlike traditional masturbators that are enclosed, the Flip Zero EV’s transparent design and flip open feature make cleaning much simpler, allowing access to all areas that collect lube or bodily fluids. This makes for easier maintenance as all areas can be reached for cleaning.

This toy boasts two vibration cores in its inner sleeve – one side offering intense stimulation while the other has targeted pleasure points – making this toy an excellent option for men with smaller penises.

This sexy toys for men and women vibrations are truly otherworldly. Though more intense than its Fleshlight Vibro counterpart, this toy still delivers orgasms quickly and can help those that cum too quickly or easily because the internal textures provide some additional stimulation. Plus, its packaging feels luxurious; making this an absolute must for those seeking a new masturbator experience!

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