Who is the Industry Leader in 3D Printing?

Elementum 3D

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leader in 3d printing

3D printing may have taken time to become mainstream in manufacturing, but today it’s an integral part of modern life. Manufacturers are quickly finding applications where 3D printing offers real returns – such as tools and fixtures.

Stratasys is a major leader in 3d printing technology. Their range of printers utilize stereolithography or selective laser sintering technologies.


Company 3D printing systems employ binder jetting technology to selectively combine binding agents with powder particles in an industrial bed, producing solid metal, ceramic, or sand parts from digital files. This process can be used for prototyping, casting or production manufacturing purposes.

ExOne offers equipment and a service that enables customers to print on demand, making the system ideal for manufacturing, medical, automotive and aerospace applications. ExOne offers desktop models all the way up to full frame machines for printing sand or metal substrates.

ExOne recently unveiled its Q3 2020 financials, showing that system sales doubled and revenue rose 60 percent year-on-year. This increase can be attributed to strong performance from its Shop and Studio System 2 printers – specifically their metal 3D printing system that’s capable of printing single alloy metals such as 316L or 17-4PH; its most popular material being X1 Metal 420i with bronze infiltrating.


Velo3D’s metal advanced manufacturing materials systems are designed for mission-critical industries like aerospace, medical, oil and gas, automotive and machinery. Their Sapphire XC printer prints complex precision parts that can be used either for prototyping or final production purposes – offering unparalleled geometric design freedom, reduced production times and costs and streamlining process flow without supports.

SpaceX and aviation manufacturer Avio are two notable customers for the company, both signing contracts for 22 Sapphire printers when they were initially released onto the market – even paying for future models that didn’t yet exist!

Though supply chain issues hampered Velo3D’s growth in Q2 2022, CEO Buller anticipates strong future expansion by prioritizing efficiency moving forward. To this end, Velo3D plans on selling more Sapphire printers while exploring a subscription model which allows clients to pay per use rather than outright purchase of machines.

Desktop Metal

After experiencing rapid expansion and consolidation among 3D printing firms fueled by special purpose acquisition companies, the sector is experiencing financial strain. Some firms have reduced prices to attract customers while others are cutting jobs.

Desktop Metal is one such firm – led by CEO Ric Fulop who believes his firm can assist manufacturers to produce metal parts at scale comparable to traditional manufacturing techniques. Fulop, an accomplished serial entrepreneur known best for his involvement with A123 Systems before it went bankrupt, also spearheads this enterprise.

This company provides several different kinds of 3D printers. Their X-Series includes InnoventX and X25Pro models which utilize binder jetting technology to print metals, while their Studio System desktop solution provides small scale production and prototyping. Their products serve automotive, industrial automation, consumer goods healthcare and aerospace & defense industries among others. Founded in 2015 in Burlington Massachusetts.

Materialize NV

Company provides both copper 3d printer and software solutions for part printing and quality control. Their high-end printers can be found across industries such as automotive, aerospace, art and consumer goods; even components for Space Exploration Technology Corporation’s Raptor rocket engine have been created using them!

Desktop Metal is another premier 3D printing company with numerous patented processes and technologies, including their Photopolymer printing system that produces functional prototypes quickly and accurately for production parts in cars, aircrafts, aerospace aircrafts and industrial machinery. They serve automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery companies among their customers.

Proto Labs is another acclaimed 3D printing provider, known for providing production equipment and digital solutions designed to address today’s digital challenges. Their customers include aerospace, automotive and medical manufacturers. Proto Labs products aim to reduce lifecycle costs while increasing efficiency; additionally they offer an assortment of materials and printing systems as well as software that enables designers to edit STL files directly for faster file manipulation and saving time in production processes.

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