Tangie Strain: A High-THC Strain With a Citrusy Aroma and Flavor


Tangie strain

Tangie is a Sativa-dominated strain created to commemorate Tangerine Dream, one of the more famous strains from decades past. It features an aromatic citrus note thanks to limonene terpenes; additionally, its refreshing taste features distinct Skunk notes for balance. Beta-caryophyllene and myrcene are among the many terpenes present in this strain that add distinct flavors and effects, such as relaxing highs that uplift mood. Myrcene also boosts appetite for those suffering from diseases that erode appetite such as cancer.


Tangie stands out from other strains with its signature citrusy tangerine aroma that delights the senses and sets it apart from others, along with fruity, skunky, and sweet flavors replete with Limonene and Myrcene terpenes rich flavors which provide relaxing yet happy feelings from its high THC content. Tangie strain offers powerful mood-lifting effects, which make it an excellent choice for smokers seeking an immediate mood lift. Furthermore, this strain stimulates creativity and happiness while improving focus and concentration – yet may be too strong for beginner users. Furthermore, its potency may prove too intense; therefore be wary when first trying this strain; furthermore its potency could cause dry eyes or mouth symptoms, so be sure to have eye drops and hydration beverages handy as a preventative measure.

Tangie from DNA Genetics is an updated version of the classic Tangerine Dream strain from the 1990s, featuring Sativa characteristics. A cross between California Orange and Skunk #1, it has won 10 different cannabis cups within its first year on the market. Tangie cultivar produces tall plants that thrive under outdoor conditions, taking about 63-70 days for it to flower fully and offering heavy yields with vibrant green leaves and orange stigma hairs. Tangie can withstand environmental stresses well, producing excellent indoor yields. She prefers light-to-medium soil mixes and may be planted either directly into an inground garden or hydroponic system.


Tangie is an indica-dominant cultivar with high THC levels and offers cerebral effects ideal for mood enhancement, creativity, and focus. Additionally, this strain may help increase appetite but should be used with caution as dry eyes and mouth may occur; inexperienced stoners should refrain from using this strain due to its potentially overwhelming nature.Tangie was originally created by DNA Genetics of Amsterdam as a tribute to Tangerine Dream, an award-winning sativa strain popular back then. A hybrid strain composed of Skunk-1 and California Orange genes, Tangie has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards and boasts THC levels between 19-22%.

This sativa-dominant strain offers an exotic citrus taste and aroma, with notes of tangerine, orange and mango. These flavors come from myrcene and pinene terpenes which also help relax users and reduce short-term memory impairment. Tangie can reach heights of five metres. Due to its high THC content, this strain may present growers with some challenges when starting out; however, with proper setup it can still be successfully grown indoors using LST or SCROG techniques for optimal yields and branching patterns. Plus it’s highly mould-resistant so pruning shouldn’t be an issue!

High THC content

Tangie is a favorite strain among recreational users, offering an energising, creative buzz to increase motivation and concentration. Perfect for daytime use when there’s lots of work to be done – unlike stimulants such as Adderall or Ritalin which may leave users wired or stressed out; Tangie may even help those suffering from attention disorders to stay focused! Tangie offers an intricate blend of sweet, citrusy notes balanced with earthiness and spice; she is the result of crossing Tangerine Dream and Skunk #1 strain and boasts an attractive fruity orange scent. However, Tangie may be too strong for novice smokers but suitable for experienced growers.

Tangie is a sativa-dominant strain with stimulating and motivating effects, providing uplifting and motivating effects to its users. Its euphoric qualities foster creativity and focus, making Tangie an excellent choice for activities like writing, working on projects or going hiking. Furthermore, its effects make Tangie an excellent munchie herb; high levels of limonene stimulate appetite while myrcene provides soothing properties. Tangie is a high-THC marijuana strain that is widely adored among cannabis consumers worldwide. Its uplifting effects and exotically sweet fragrance have earned numerous awards at the Cannabis Cup competitions, where this strain thrives best outdoors under full sun and warmer temperatures, taking anywhere from 63-70 days for flowering before producing dense and sticky harvests of dense flowers.

Easy to grow

Tangie is an easy-to-grow cannabis strain, suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Boasting 70% sativa dominance, its citrus aroma and flavor provide users with an invigorating tropical high ideal for daytime use. With such a simple cultivation method and tasty citrus aroma and flavor combination, this tangy cultivar makes the ideal choice for smokers seeking functional highs that enhance appetite and focus. Tangie’s parents include California Orange and Skunk #1. Her citrus heritage can be detected through its sweet citrusy tangerine aroma that features some subtle skunk notes. As well as offering unique flavors, Tangie is also an impressive tall strain offering generous yields with frosty trichomes – making her an excellent option for beginner growers and enthusiasts alike.

Tangie can be grown indoors or outdoors, requiring strong illumination and ample growing space. It grows rapidly, reaching five-foot height in as few as 12 months. Flowering period lasts 63-70 days with heavy yields produced. This plant thrives in climates between 68-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, humidity levels should range between 60-75%. Cultivated via soil or hydroponics systems and fed weekly organic fertilizer feedings; when planting in soil pots for added air pruning. The roots should remain untangled without becoming bunched up over time. You can get this strain from any reputable dispensary like Colorado Breeders Depot.

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