Can You Replace A 40kw Generator With A 10kw Generator?


40kW generator

To compare one thing with another, you must know the strengths and weaknesses of both things, isn’t that so? So, if you’re here to find out the answer to the possibility of replacing a 40kW generator with a 10kW generator, let us help you assess the entire information that we have on these two types of generators. Then you can easily choose which generator outweighs the other one and if it is possible to replace a 40kW generator using a 10kW one. Keep reading to know the answer!

An introduction to what 40kW generators can do:

Let’s first look at how fascinating the entire design of a 40kW generator is. Starting with its weight, can you guess and estimate how much a 40kW could weigh? 500 pounds? A thousand pounds, maybe? None of the above! These heavily designed diesel generators weigh no less than 1,550 pounds! You heard it right. Their heavy weight allows them to withstand wind pressure, making them most suitable for rough usage. Its fuel consumption depends on your use of the diesel generator itself. Still, if you take a rough estimate, a 40kW diesel generator can easily consume four gallons of fuel per hour with a heavy-duty load. Isn’t that super cool? Similarly, if you use the generator continuously without intervals for eight consecutive hours, you will burn up to thirty-eight gallons of fuel. No wonder these generators are so helpful.

How powerful are 10kW generators?

Indeed, a 40kW generator might be super efficient, but you can’t underestimate the power of a 10kW generator, can you? These 10kW generators can easily power up to 13,000 Watts. If you’re planning to buy one for your home, stop planning and get yours right away! This is your cue to buy one for yourself, finally. Not only do they work well under rough conditions, but they also operate well to suit the basic requirements for your home’s power generation. Did you know that 10kW generators can generate power for larger loads, such as central AC units? Such diesel-powered generators can even generate electricity for suitable pumps. How cool is that? Due to their limited power supply, the size of your home will define whether this generator can provide electricity for your house. If not the entire house, you can use some facilities that a 10kW generator could supply electricity to. Workable and more affordable than 40kW generators.


In conclusion, after reading the information above, you might understand how reliable and convenient it is for a homeowner to use a 40kW generator or even a 10kW generator. So, if you have successfully identified your most preferred generator, don’t delay the purchase and buy your generator right away at the most affordable price. If you’re looking for a tried and tested option, you should go for Gen Power USA; they’re highly reliable and have a wide variety of high-quality generators. Give them a call at 1-888-819-5646 right away!

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