Top Best Residential General Contractors in Las Vegas NV

Waters Edge Renovations

Residential General Contractors in Las Vegas NV

Home remodeling involves existing structures and requires careful planning; top contractors are known for their expertise, quality work, client reviews, and industry standing.

Merlin Custom Home Builders, headed by Stephen Jones, has earned an impeccable reputation within the homebuilding, remodeling, and renovation industries for their impressive projects that have garnered mention in reputable publications.

HR Builders

Merlin Custom Home Builders of Las Vegas is a full-service residential construction firm, specializing in building luxury homes. Their team holds a full B contractor’s license that allows them to construct without cost or height restrictions; additionally, this firm works on various styles from craftsman to traditional homes.

This firm specializes in kitchen and Bathroom Remodels, renovations, home additions, and flooring projects. Their team works directly with clients to ensure clear communication during every stage of remodeling; free estimates for their services; time completion within budget completion; and treating clients with integrity respect and compassion – they’ve got you covered!

Palazzo Development

Palazzo Development is a luxury custom home builder offering innovative designs. Their team includes only top construction professionals using cutting-edge materials. Together, their combined 45 years of experience allow them to collaborate closely with homeowners throughout their design process.

Schuff Steel provided input into this large construction challenge posed by limited space within a dense urban setting, working closely with the Palazzo team from early design meetings onwards to address material availability coordination, early production capacities commitments, project best cost evaluations, and field erection operations improvements.

LUXE Design/Build is owned and managed by a Husband/Wife duo with over 30 years of experience in homebuilding. They believe it’s crucial that homeowners work closely with their contractors during every stage of construction to ensure they receive only top-quality products.

Blue Heron

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Raftery Homes

Raftery Homes is a detail-oriented construction firm offering timeless quality and functional spaces to their clients. Their goal is to bring client’s visions to life through collaborative design and execution processes, licensed and insured in Nevada.

Even as the luxury home market continues to languish from its heady days of 2008 and 2009, builders are witnessing an increase in high-end home sales. Builders attribute this rise to rising wealth among affluent individuals as well as easier financing and an absence of bargain-priced resale properties – some buyers even build mansions with the intention of flipping them later according to builders.

Elegant Homes

Elegant Homes of Las Vegas is a premier builder of luxurious Residential General Contractors in Las Vegas. Their selection includes golf course homes and gated communities; with a team of highly-experienced and committed professionals on staff.

This company boasts an excellent reputation and outstanding quality work, in addition to excellent customer service. They would make an ideal partner for any residential construction project.

Learn about this company by reading reviews on their website and viewing a photo gallery of past projects. If you have any inquiries, feel free to call them directly via phone or email – their staff is always willing and ready to assist!

Kingdom Home Remodel

Established in Florida, this company has designed over 150 luxury estates. Their homes feature clean lines, vast glass expanses, and transitional spaces that bring outdoor living into indoor living space seamlessly. Over time they have won multiple awards and been showcased in local publications like Las Vegas Review-Journal and Luxury Las Vegas.

Design-build firms such as this can streamline the entire homebuilding process for their clients, with teams working alongside clients to make each project successful and their affiliation with the Better Business Bureau being a testament to this dedication to upholding professional standards.

Complete a few short questions about your project, and be matched with top-rated professionals – with free estimates available!

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