How To Resolve Unable To Print Checks In QuickBooks Error 


unable to print checks in QuickBooks

Unable to print checks in QuickBooks Error appears when you want to print checks, but you see an error pop-up screen instead. This will hold you from using the Print feature in QuickBooks, and related functions may suffer too. You can also get this error from not having a proper internet connection.  In case you are not able to resolve it now, don’t worry; you can fix it now using the information in this blog. We have given you the causes of the problem along with the solutions. 

It might be tough for you to carry on the troubleshooting on your own, but we can help you. Reach out to our +1(855)-738-0359, and you can get assistance from our QuickBooks-certified professionals for resolving Error printing Payroll checks

Causes of Error Printing Payroll checks in QuickBooks 

There can be various issues that are the reason for the occurrence of unable to print checks in QuickBooks Error:

  1. Outdated application – You are using an outdated version of Quickbooks, which doesn’t have the latest fixes; hence, the error appears.
  2. Your internet issues – Your internet connection is not proper and is, hence, causing you to be unable to print checks from QuickBooks.
  3. Latest printer driver – You do not have a printer with the latest printer driver installed; hence, you are not able to get through it for printing checks.
  4. Error message from the printer – Ensure that your printer in use is not showing any warning lights.

Next, you have to resolve the causes of getting rid of not being able to print checks in QuickBooks Error.

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Troubleshooting QuickBooks Won’t Print Checks

Troubleshooting involves various methods that will help you fix and repair root issues responsible for ‘unable to print checks from QuickBooks Error’

  1. Test by printing from other apps – You can check the printer with other applications. This will ensure if you are having the issue in Printer or QuickBooks.
  2. Correct Printer Setup – Cheek in the settings if the Printer is offline. If it is a network Printer, then there are chances of a network connection; check for it.
  3. You are using the correct one – Now you need to ensure that you are using the correct printer that’s connected to QuickBooks.
  4. Run the PDF fixing tool from the tool hub – We are giving the steps to run the PDF repair tool: 
  • Download the Quickbooks Tool hub program from the Intuit site and install it on your device.
  • Launch QuickBooks and click on the Program Problems.
  • Later, you will see other options appearing on the screen. Click on the Print and PDF repair tool, and this will help you fix the common issues that get in between using the printer function in QuickBooks.
  • Click on it and let it run; wait till the process completes to fix QuickBooks won’t print checks.

Restart the PC once the program has loaded and run the repair. You can try to resume printing the checks again after all the above steps.

In summary

We have provided you with approved methods that are capable of resolving common issues lurking in QB. These are enough to troubleshoot the problem of being unable to print checks in QuickBooks. In case you see the problem existing, dial +1(855)-738-0359, and this will be resolved with the help of our support team.

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FAQ “Unable to print checks in QuickBooks Error”

Q1: I’m encountering an Unable to Print Checks in QuickBooks Error. What could be the issue?

  • A1: This error may be due to printer issues, incorrect printer settings, outdated software, or corrupted QuickBooks data.

Q2: How can I fix the ‘Unable to Print Checks’ error in QuickBooks?

  • A2: Start by checking your printer connections and settings, ensuring your printer is selected correctly in QuickBooks. Update QuickBooks to the latest version and verify your company file for any issues.

Q3: What steps can I take to troubleshoot printing problems in QuickBooks?

  • A3: Begin by restarting your computer and printer. Update your printer drivers, check the printer setup in QuickBooks, and ensure your printer is functioning correctly outside of QuickBooks.

Q4: How can I update my printer settings in QuickBooks to resolve the error?

  • A4: In QuickBooks, go to File > Printer Setup and choose the correct printer. Adjust the settings as needed, making sure they match your printer specifications.

Q5: Is there a QuickBooks diagnostic tool I can use to resolve printing issues?

  • A5: Yes, you can use the “unable to print checks in QuickBooks Error” to diagnose and fix problems related to printing in QuickBooks.

Q6: What if I’m still unable to print checks after trying the suggested solutions?

  • A6: If the issue persists, consider reaching out to QuickBooks support for further assistance or consult the QuickBooks community for additional guidance.

Q7: Can corrupted QuickBooks data cause printing issues?

  • A7: Yes, corrupted company files or data can lead to printing problems. Use the QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild tools to identify and repair data issues.

Q8: Are there specific printer requirements for printing checks in QuickBooks?

  • A8: Yes, ensure your printer is compatible with QuickBooks and meets the recommended specifications for printing checks to avoid potential issues.

Q9: How frequently should I update QuickBooks to prevent printing errors?

  • A9: It’s recommended to update QuickBooks to the latest version as soon as updates are available to ensure compatibility and resolve any known issues.

Q10: Can network issues affect my ability to print checks in QuickBooks?

  • A10: Yes, network connectivity problems can disrupt the printing process. Verify your network stability and address any connectivity issues to resolve printing errors.

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