Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta with the Highest Rating


Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta with the Highest Rating

Japanese food has many fans in Indonesia. The reason is, apart from being full of nutrition, Japanese food is also suitable for the taste buds of most Indonesians. Visit dynasty 2

So, for those of you who are residents of the capital city of Jakarta or happen to be stopping by in Jakarta and are planning to eat Japanese food, here are recommendations for the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta which are your favorite go-to places because of the quality of the food and the comfort of the restaurant.

1. Heaven

As the name suggests, eating at this restaurant will feel like you are eating in a culinary lover’s paradise, apart from the restaurant’s high location, the food served is also delicious! The restaurant’s large windows also make it really feel “above the clouds”! At Kahyangan, you can enjoy premium Japanese dishes while looking at the romantic view of the city of Jakarta.

2. Sakana

Sakana has three outlets, namely at Sakana Midplaza, Sakana Kuningan, and Sakana Delonix. Of the three outlets, there are two outlets located in Jakarta, here, Toppers. It is located at Midplaza and Kuningan, South Jakarta. Sakana offers various typical Japanese menus such as Salmon Bento, Grilled Salmon, Salmon Sushi, and many more.

3. Marufuku

Marufuku Japanese Restaurant, which is located in the Melawai area, is no less exciting to visit for Toppers who are Japanese food lovers. The Japanese-style restaurant decoration gives you an atmosphere that matches the food served. Beef Curry, Sushi, and many of your other favorite Japanese foods, are available at this restaurant.

4. Okuzono

Okuzono is a Japanese restaurant located in Senopati. The vibe and ambience offered is very typical of Japan, both from the indoor design and the garden layout. If you are looking for an authentic Japanese food menu, Okuzono is the right choice. The recommended menu that you have to try is the very fresh Unagi and Sashimi.

Here, there is a VIP room which will provide an even more comfortable dining experience. Before visiting Okuzono, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance, because this restaurant is very often full of visitors.

5. OKU

OKU, a Japanese restaurant located at Hotel Indonesia Kempinksi Jakarta, is one of the premium Japanese resorts in Jakarta. With renowned chef, Kazumasa Yazawa, you won’t find the usual Japanese omakase dishes that you usually find at other Japanese restaurants, Toppers. Here, you will taste modern Japanese cuisine that still sticks to the roots of traditional Japanese food.

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