Fix the Errors Where You Are Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy


unable to create accountant's copy

When ‘unable to create accountant’s copy’ in QuickBooks, it can occur from various issues. Often, it’s due to a data file size exceeding QB’s limit for accountant’s copies or data corruption. A strict closing date or pending transactions may also hinder creation. 

Additionally, using an outdated QB version or not having the appropriate permissions might cause problems. To resolve, ensure QB is updated, verify data integrity, clear out large transactions, and adjust closing date settings. 

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Reasons Why You Are Unable to Create an Accountant’s Copy

Addressing these factors and ensuring that your QuickBooks setup meets the necessary requirements can help resolve issues related to creating accountant’s copies:

  • The data file may exceed QB’s size limit for accountant’s copies.
  • Corruption within the data file can inhibit the creation process.
  • A set closing date or pending transactions can restrict an accountant’s copy creation.
  • Using an outdated version of QuickBooks might not support this feature.
  • Insufficient permissions can hinder the creation of an accountant’s copy.
  • Problems with the network connection can cause errors.
  • A failed data rebuild may lead to issues.
  • Damaged list items, customers, vendors, or other data can cause problems.

Methods to Fix the QuickBooks Unable to Create an Accountant Copy 

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve most issues preventing the creation of an accountant’s copy in QuickBooks and ensure smoother collaboration with your accountant. To resolve issues preventing you from creating an accountant’s copy in QuickBooks, follow these steps.

  • Ensure the company data file size is within QuickBooks’ limits for accountant’s copies. If it exceeds the limit, you may need to condense the file or archive older data.
  • Run the “Verify Data” in the utility section on your QuickBooks desktop to check for data integrity issues. If errors are detected, follow on-screen prompts to resolve them.
  • If a strict closing date is set, modify it to a more recent date to allow for the accountant’s copy creation.
  • Ensure that you have been using the latest version of the QuickBooks application. If not, update to the latest release, as older versions may have compatibility issues.
  • Ensure you have the necessary permissions to create an accountant’s copy.
  • Ensure a stable network connection. Network interruptions can lead to errors during the creation process.
  • If issues persist, run the “Rebuild Data” utility to address potential data file problems.
  • Review your company file for issues such as damaged list items, customers, or vendors, and resolve any identified issues.

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Are you still unable to create accountant’s copy in QuickBooks? This may arise from file size, data integrity, permissions, or software versions. Addressing these factors is crucial for successful collaboration. If you are clueless about the issue, let our experts advise you a bit, call us on +1(855)-738-0359.


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