“Cell Expansion Market: Proliferating Opportunities in Cell Therapy and Biomanufacturing”


Cell Expansion Market Overview: 

This Cell Expansion industry research provided a comprehensive analysis of the worldwide Cell Expansion Market, taking into account all critical variables such as growth factors, limitations, market advancements, top investment pockets, future prospects, and trends. The research begins by emphasizing the important trends and possibilities that may develop in the near future and have a favorable influence on overall industry growth.

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Cell Expansion Market Scope:

The Cell Expansion market report presents insights into each of the leading Cell Expansion Market end users along with annual forecasts to 2027. The report provides a revenue forecast with sales and growth rate of the global Cell Expansion Market. Forecasts are also provided for the market’s product, application, and geographic segments. Forecasts are produced to help people understand the industry’s future outlook and potential.

Cell Expansion Market Dynamics: 

Chronic disease incidence is rising: Cell growth is used to create novel drugs that treat illnesses. It is used to make vaccinations, medications, therapies, and antibiotics. Due to the rising incidence of diseases like cancer and diabetes, there is an urgent need for in-depth research to produce novel treatment options. By 2045, the number of individuals with diabetes is expected to increase from the estimated 425 million in 2017 to 629 million, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). In 2018, there were 9.6 million cancer-related deaths worldwide, surpassing all other causes of death. 

Cell Expansion Market Segmentation: 

by Product
1. Consumables
1.1 .Reagents
1.2. Media
1.3. Sera
1.4. Disposables
1.4.1. Tissue Culture Flasks
1.4.2. Bioreactor Accessories
1.4.3. Other Disposables (Pipette Tubes, Petri Plates, Centrifuge Tubes, Cell Expansion Bags, and Filtration Membranes)
2. Instruments
2.1. Cell Expansion Supporting Equipment
2.1.1. Flow Cytometers
2.1.2. Centrifuges
2.1.3. Cell Counters
2.1.4. Other Supporting Equipment
3. Bioreactors
3.1 Microcarrier Bioreactors
3.1.1. Microcarrier-based anchorage-dependent bioreactors
3.1.2. Suspension-based anchorage-independent bioreactors
3.2. Perfusion/Hollow Fibre Bioreactors
4 Automated Cell Expansion Systems

In terms of product, the consumables sector held the greatest market share for cell expansion in 2022. The cell expansion market is divided into consumables and instruments based on the kind of product. Instruments are further divided into cell expansion supporting apparatus, bioreactors, and automated cell expansion systems, while the consumables segment is further divided into reagents, media, sera, and disposables. Consumables accounted for the majority of the market share for cell expansion products in 2022 because biologics were being manufactured at a faster rate in the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

by Cell Type
1. Human Cells
1.1. Stem Cells
1.2. Adult Stem Cells
1.2.1. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
1.2.2. Embryonic Stem Cells
1.2.3. Differentiated Cells
2 Animal Cells

By cell type, the market for cell expansion in 2022 was dominated by the segment of human cells. The cell expansion market is divided into human cells and animal cells based on the kind of cell. Stem cells and developed cells are included in the section of human cells. Adult stem cells, ESCs, and iPSCs are subcategories of the stem cells market category. The greater market share held by the human cells segment in 2022 was primarily attributable to rising public and private sector investments in human cell research, expanding uses for human stem cells, and an increase in the prevalence of diseases like cancer.

by Application
1. Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research
2. Cancer and Cell-based Research
3. Other Applications (clinical studies, toxicology studies)

The market for cell expansion was dominated by regenerative medicine and stem cell research in terms of application in 2022. The cell expansion market has been divided into three categories depending on application: cancer and cell-based research, regenerative medicine, and others. Due to increased funding for regenerative medicine and stem cell research, the regenerative medicine and stem cell research category held the biggest market share in 2022.

by End-User
1. Research Institutes
2. Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Companies
3. Cell Banks
4. Other End Users (Hospitals and diagnostic laboratories)

The market is divided into research organisations, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical firms, cell banks, and end-users (hospitals and diagnostic labs) based on the end-user. The segment of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical firms held the highest share of 50% in 2021 and will continue to grow at a notable rate. The expanding potential of cell-based medications in the healthcare industry is one of the primary reasons for the large proportion of biopharmaceutical enterprises. For instance, cellular-based therapies have significantly gained in popularity in regenerative medicine due to continual improvements in injectable cell delivery systems for a range of therapeutic applications. In order to diversify their product offers, businesses in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors are increasingly buying other businesses. For instance, in December 2019, Biological Industries, a manufacturer of cell culture media.

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Cell Expansion Key Players:

The research includes the most recent news and industry developments in terms of Cell Expansion Market expansions, acquisitions, growth strategies, joint ventures and collaborations, product launches, market expansions, and so on. Among the main companies in the Cell Expansion Market sector are

1. Thermo Fisher Scientific
2. Danaher
3. Becton
4. Dickinson and Company
5. Lonza
6. Corning
7. Merck
8. Miltenyi Biotec
9. STEMCELL Technologies Inc.
10.Sartorius Stedim Biotech
13.iXCells Biotechnologies
15.G&G technologies
16.Celltainer Biotech

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Regional Analysis:

The primary goal of this study is to assist the user in understanding the market in terms of definition, segmentation, market potential, significant trends, and the problems that the industry is experiencing across ten key regions.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis on Cell Expansion Market:

The research details the overall impact of COVID-19 on the Cell Expansion Market by providing a micro- and macroeconomic analysis. The precise study focuses on market share and size, which clearly depicts the impact that the pandemic has had and is anticipated to have on the global Health Insurance Market in the future years.

Key Questions aAnsweredin the Cell Expansion Market Report are: 

  • What is the function of Cell Expansion?
  • What is the predicted revenue generation of the Cell Expansion market?
  • At what growth rate is the Cell Expansion market evolving?
  • Who are the major market giants operating in the Cell Expansion market?

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