Typical Brazilian food tastes like Samba makes your tongue wag!


Typical Brazilian food tastes like Samba makes your tongue wag!

Typical Brazilian Food is the same as discussing the country of Brazil itself, I don’t think there will be anyone who doesn’t know this country. Most people know about it and many have even visited it. Apart from being famous, this country is also famous for several things, for example football and various interesting tourist destinations. Apart from that, it is also known for its culinary offerings.

On this occasion, this article will invite all readers to discuss various types of typical Brazilian food dishes. If you go to Brazil, it’s mandatory to try it.


Basically, Brazil is known for its barbecue menu which has various types. Usually all grilled beef has a medium level of doneness so it will taste more juicy.

One type is made from premium cuts of meat and grilled to a medium level so that the meat is still pink. If you happen to have friends in Brazil or also visit a home-style restaurant, you will find various barbecue menus, for example grilled sausages, cheese steaks, chicken livers, lamb, and so on.


If you don’t like barbecue, you can try the Moqueca menu. Moqueca is a food menu that has variations. This is because there are two regions in Brazil that claim Moqueca as their regional specialty, namely Bagus and Espirito Santo. Bahia people usually make Moqueca with vegetable oil, pepper and coconut milk. Meanwhile, the Espirito Santo people make Moqueca with rice, Farofa (fried cassava flour) and Pirao. Despite the debate between the two, Moqueca is a delicious food and is recommended to try.


Feijoada is a typical Brazilian food that can also be found in Indonesia, specifically on the island of Timor. Yes, people on the island of Timor are used to making black bean soup because of the influence of culinary culture during the Portuguese colonial era.

In Brazil, Feijoada is usually cooked with a mixture of pork. However, there are also those who cook this dish with beef. This soup is cooked over low heat in a vessel made of clay website. The aroma of this black bean soup is really strong. While it tastes a little salty and not spicy at all. Feijoada is more delicious if eaten warm.


Not only is the main dish delicious, Brazil also has a delicious and popular dessert, called Quindim. This is a type of pudding made from grated coconut, egg yolks and sugar. The color of this food looks shiny yellow so that anyone can’t wait to eat it.

Like pudding, Quindim has a dense and chewy texture. The grated coconut used as the composition makes this food not only have a sweet taste, but also a savory taste that is really addictive. Quindim can be found in almost all restaurants that serve typical Brazilian food.

Pao de Queijo

From its appearance, Pão de Queijo definitely reminds you of fried meatballs, right? However, this food is not fried meatballs but cheese bread. If you are a cheese fan, you will definitely like this food.

Pão de Queijo is made from tapioca flour, eggs, and cheese (usually Minas Cheese). Then, the dough from these ingredients will be formed into small balls with a diameter of 3-5 cm, then the dough will be baked until the shape expands. The taste of cheese in this bread is quite strong so it tastes more savory.

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