Types of Sports & Their Healthy Benefits!


Types of Sports & Their Healthy Benefits!

As we know, one of the steps to maintain a healthy body is to exercise. However, some of you may still be confused considering that there are so many types of sports to choose from.

Therefore, you need to adjust the type of exercise you want to do to your personal needs.

So, to find out the classification of types of exercise and their benefits, see the following discussion!

Sports and their benefits for health

Actually, there are lots of categorizations of sports that you can find. However, in general, the types of sports based on their branches are as follows.

1. Aquatic Sports

From the name alone, you probably already know what is meant by aquatic sports. Yes, aquatic sports are water sports.

Examples of types of aquatic sports are swimming, diving, water polo, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing and scuba diving.

If in aquatic sports you do swimming movements, your body bones will become stronger, especially in the hands, feet and back.

Then, if you choose aquatic sports that use rowing movements, this will train your upper body so that it can help tone your arm, back and shoulder muscles.

Apart from that, aquatic exercise is generally good for maintaining heart health because it generally makes you regulate your breathing. So, you can reduce the risk of disease in these organs.

2. Weight lifting

One of the types of exercise that is challenging to do is lifting weights. Because, this sport has a fairly high risk of injury https://starrsmilltfxc.com/.

However, if done with the right technique, weight lifting can actually reduce the risk of injury by increasing muscle mass.

In addition, increasing muscle mass will also be useful for increasing maximum range of motion and body function.

Weight lifting is also known to offset the decrease in bone mass that often occurs with age.

During a training session, the weight will put pressure and ultimately encourage bone-forming cells to react. As a result, the bones will become denser and stronger.

3. Athletics

Athletics is a type of sport that involves four basic movements, namely walking, running, jumping and throwing.

When done regularly, these movements certainly provide various benefits that are good for body health.

The benefits of walking briskly are that it makes the heart healthy, increases stamina, prevents bone loss and arthritis, and reduces the risk of dementia.

Meanwhile, running in athletics can help you lose weight, strengthen muscles and bones, and reduce the risk of cancer.

The long jump movement in athletics is also useful for strengthening muscles and bones.

Apart from that, this movement can increase the body’s metabolism which can help with diet.

An example of throwing movements in athletics is discus throwing which can make muscles stronger and the recovery process from pain will be faster.

4. Martial Arts Sports

Self-defense is a self-defense sport that uses muscles throughout the body, especially the hands and feet.

Combat sports are also considered an art that involves fighting techniques in its movements.

Some examples of martial arts sports include wrestling, judo, karate, kung fu, pencak silat, and tai chi.

Usually, these types of martial arts sports are done as a means to improve physical, mental and emotional health.

The benefits of martial arts for physical health are that it can reduce weight, strengthen muscles, make the heart healthy, and increase body agility.

Regarding its benefits for mental and emotional health, martial arts are known to increase focus, increase self-confidence, and help relieve stress.

5. Sports Ball Games

The next type of sport is ball games. The types of ball games themselves are divided into two subcategories, namely large and small ball sports. Big ball sports are sports that use large balls for their activities. Usually this sport involves active movements of the hands and feet. There are several sports that are classified as big ball games, namely football, volleyball and basketball.

Because it uses active movements in the hands and feet, big ball sports can be useful for optimizing balance and body coordination. The other type is small ball sports. Generally, this sport not only uses small balls, but also uses tools such as rackets or sticks.

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