Differences between Shiraz and Merlot Grapes


Differences between Shiraz and Merlot Grapes

Wine lovers and wine experts may be able to differentiate between the existing wine variants. However, beginners may not be able to do it. For those who are not familiar with wine, perhaps all wine tastes similar.

This is because beginners don’t know what flavors and aromas to look for and pay attention to in wine. Two types of grapes that are often confused are Shiraz and Merlot. Both are red wines. Their similar colors make people think that Shiraz and Merlot are full-bodied grapes.

Many also note the almost identical tannin levels between these two wines. However, there are several differences that make Shiraz different from Merlot.

1. Region of origin of grapes

Often, wines are named based on the type of grape used in a bottle or the region where they were harvested. The first difference between Shiraz and Merlot is the grape variety itself.

Merlot grapes originate from Gironde, in western France. However, now this grape can be grown anywhere. Many bottles of Merlot are also a combination of different grape types, such as Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Franc Sauvignon.

The popularity of the Shiraz grape began in the Rhone Valley in France, but now this grape is more popular in Australia. Many other countries also grow Shiraz grapes, such as Argentina, Italy, America, Spain and Portugal.

2. Grape taste

Shiraz grapes are ideally grown in areas with cool climates. This wine contains flavors of cherry, currant, raspberry and violet, as well as a hint of mint. As a result, wine from this grape tends to be more full-bodied. The flavors will be very prominent on the tongue.

Merlot wine also contains raspberry flavors, along with other berries such as blueberries and strawberries. These fruity flavors produce a fresh and sweet wine. Compared to Shiraz, Merlot is medium-bodied, and not as intense as Shiraz.

3. Alcohol level

Merlot and Shiraz contain almost the same alcohol content. The Alcohol By Volume (ABV) value of Shiraz is between 13% and 15%. Merlot contains an ABV of 13% to 14.5%.

4. Food pairings

Knowing the flavors of wines as well as their ABV will help you match these wines with the right dishes. Shiraz’s slightly spiced taste, as well as its high tannin content, can be paired with red meat such as beef or lamb. If you want to enjoy Shiraz with cheese, choose smoked cheese.

On the other hand, Merlot is better served with lighter proteins such as mushroom or seafood dishes. To enjoy with cheese, look for a cheese that is as mild as Merlot. Don’t let the cheese you choose be more intense than the wine.

Exclusive Red Wine

For most Indonesians, wine is an exclusive item. But in reality, of the many types of red wine that can be found in Indonesia, there are several types that are truly exclusive because of their quality and price.


Bordeaux Has Several Strict Classification Systems. Red Wines That Are Not Listed in One of the Classification Systems Applicable in Bordeaux Are Considered “Ordinary Wines” (Non-Exclusive).

The Most Famous Classification System Is The 1885 Bordeaux Classification. Even though there are actually several other classification systems; To facilitate this discussion; The wines listed in the 1885 classification system can be considered the most exclusive


Burgundy Is At The Same Level Of Exclusivity As Bordeaux. What is different is that Bordeaux is dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, while Burgundy is exclusively Pinot Noir.
The most expensive example of Burgundy in the world is Domaine De La Romanée-Conti. Prices range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per bottle (depending on the vintage)


The Most Exclusive Italian Red Wine. Comes From Piedmont And Made Using Nebbiolo Grapes. The texture is full bodied, with high tannin and acidity content. The term “the older the better” applies to Barolo. Barolo that is still “Young” has a “Hard” taste. But the “older” it feels, the softer it becomes.

There are still several other types of exclusive red wine such as Brunello Di Montalcino, Super Tuscan, Châteauneuf-Du-Pape, etc., all of which have expensive prices https://milanowineclub.com/.

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