Choosing a Spyderco Pocket Knife by Use


If you have some cash to spare, you could do a lot worse than a Spyderco pocket knife if the goal is updating your EDC rotation.

They have been crowd favorites for many years, and it’s even likely that many Spydie junkies are paramilitary and law enforcement personnel. Spyderco pocket knives see their share of official duty.

So let’s take a look at some top picks based on intended use and other considerations.

Best Spyderco Pocket Knife When Space Is Limited: Manbug

The Manbug is a tiny Spyderco pocket knife – only 2.5” closed, with a 1.88” blade. It’s also only 1.28 oz. It’s small by all accounts, but it doesn’t shirk hard work.

It’s outfitted with a VG-10 steel blade as well as bi-directional, textured GFN handle scales that are tough, lightweight, and furnish an excellent grip even in adverse conditions.

There are bigger Spyderco pocket knives that are better suited to hard-use tasks, but the Manbug is a great option if you only have a little bit of space to dedicate to a last-ditch tool.

Best Overall: Tenacious

The Tenacious needs no introduction from us. If you’ve never heard of it before you might just be doing something wrong.

It, along with the Delica and Paramilitary, is frequently at the tops of “best of” list of Spyderco knives.

The Tenacious is made with many different blade materials and finishes as well as many different handle scale materials and colors. It’s even made with a serrated or combi-edge.

The liner lock and dimensions are pretty much standard, though. For most applications, the Tenacious will shine.

Best in Harsh Conditions: Salt 2

If you live in an area with a lot of salt air, such as along the coast, or frequently work with corrosive materials, then you can’t do better than a Spyderco Salt 2.

The hallmark of the Spyderco Salt 2 is its LC200N steel, a chromium and nitrogen-rich alloy (15% and .5%, respectively) that is nearly impervious to moisture and corrosion.

That’s a rare thing in a knife steel, and some users have commented that LC200N has the same corrosion-resistance as H1, with similar use characteristics to other high-end steels like CPM-154CM.

The Salt 2 also features a strong lockback, reasonable dimensions, appropriate sizing for most EDC applications, and a somewhat sheepsfoot-like blade profile that will stand up to hard use.

For Fixed-Blade Fans: Bow River

The Spyderco Bow River is perhaps everything that most Spyderco pocket knives are not: a fixed blade that comes with a leather sheath.

It’s 8.14” overall with a gracefully swept 4.4” blade. A full-flat grind makes it exceptional for slicing tasks, making it great as a hunting knife or a bait knife, or just a camp food prep knife.

It features extremely tough G10 scales and though the blade steel is not as impressive as that of some other Spyderco knives, its 8Cr13MoV is tough, corrosion-resistant, and relatively easy to sharpen.

Best for Those That Like Combo Breakers: Subvert

While the Subvert is a folding Spyderco pocket knife, it’s very different in appearance from most.

Nearly all Spyderco pocket knives have a leaf-shaped blade and a stout point. It has a recurve to the edge and is weighted towards the end of the blade. If it were just a bit larger, it might make an excellent chopper. As it is it is a decent camp knife.

It’s 9.25” overall with a 4.125” blade of CPM-S30V steel with a nearly full flat grind. It’s great at slicing, scraping, and light chopping. It also packs a strong liner lock and is made with G10 scales that are all but completely resistant to moisture and corrosion.

It may not look like a Spyderco pocket knife, but it is definitely a quality one.

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