Here’s How to ‘Delete Duplicate Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

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Delete duplicate transactions in QuickBooks

Have you mistakenly added a transaction twice? If so, you must remove it quickly to avoid discrepancies during reconciliation and ensure this transaction isn’t in downloaded transactions. 

To ‘delete duplicate deposits in QuickBooks,’ you need to manually access and remove the bank feed. But to perform that action, you have to make sure you are trying to remove the transaction from the Register mode. In case your bank feeds are not in register mode, you must switch to banking modes. To learn the complete transaction removal process and how banking modes work in QuickBooks, follow this guide till the end.  

This guide contains enough information to remove duplicate transactions from charts of accounts. In case you still require any guidance or have any related queries, you can reach out to our QB professionals. Dial TFN +1-(855)-955-1942 and get the assistance directly 

How Do Modes Work in Bank Feed?  

QuickBooks offers three modes in bank feed to handle transactions differently. You Can also switch between these modes whenever required. But there are some rules for using these modes to remove and add any transactions. Three modes: 

  • Advance Mode – We can use this mode to add or match transactions in the transaction list window. The special rule that it offers is you can create rules for automatic matches and update transactions for the future. 
  • Side-by-Side/ Express Mode – Transaction ranking rules are automatic, and it also uses the transaction list window to add or match any transactions. You can also remove any transaction if required. 
  • Register/ Classic Mode – Register mode allows you to create and control new aliases. It uses the transaction list window to add or match transactions. You can also remove any mistakenly added transaction in Register mode.

Note: You can only remove or edit any transaction in Register mode if you created that transaction in the same mode and vice versa for Advance and Side-by-Side mode. You can’t remove the transaction you have added from a different mode.  

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Delete Multiple Transactions in QuickBooks in Different Modes 

As we have discussed, there are three modes in the bank feed to save and edit the transaction. Now let’s remove the duplicate multiple transactions in QuickBooks in these modes, which allows you to remove the transaction: 

Delete Duplicate transaction in Side-by-Side Mode 

First, make sure the bank feeds are open in side-by-side mode; if not, then switch the mode to the same. To check the downloaded transactions side-by-side, move to the left side of the screen:

  • Move your cursor to the menu bar and click on the Banking menu. 
  • From the further menu, click on Bank Feeds and then Bank Feeds Center. 
  • Move to the Items Reviewed section in the window and select the transaction you want to remove. 
  • Select Items to Delete.
  • Again, select the transaction you want to remove. 
  • Click on Delete Selected and confirm by hitting Yes. 
  • Now, review the transaction in the list. If it’s not visible, the transaction has been deleted successfully. 

Delete Identical Transaction in Register Mode 

You downloaded transactions from bank feeds, which will be visible at the bottom of the window. Before starting the process to delete the transaction, make sure the transaction is duplicated after matching it to the bank statement. If it’s sure the transaction is identical, follow the given steps to remove it: 

  • Click on the Banking menu and go to the Bank Feeds. 
  • Now, move to the Bank Feeds Center.
  • Go to the Financial Institution section and check the Received Items. Now look for the duplicate transaction you want to remove and select it as View. 
  • Make sure the transaction you have opened is right and match it with the appropriate transaction. Hit Done to match the transaction. 
  • In the ‘Not Finished Matching’ prompt, click ‘Yes.’ Back at the ‘Online Banking Centre,’ you’ll go.
  • The identical statement can be found and chosen under the ‘Items Received From Financial Institution’ section. Then click ‘Delete’.

We hope the steps helped you delete duplicate transactions in QuickBooks Desktop. If you have any unanswered doubts, you can connect us on TFN +1-(855)-955-1942 and get assistance directly from the QB experts. 

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